Michael Rutter - Photo Credit: Rapid Solicitors-Bathams Ducati

Michael Rutter - Photo Credit: Rapid Solicitors-Bathams Ducati


Michael Rutter is well placed for a seventh Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix victory after a stunning display in Saturday's qualifying session. Much of the build-up had been washed out by torrential rain but Rutter took control when conditions calmed down for qualifying.

The RidersMotorcycles.com rider all but matched his 2010 pole time to pull out a full three second advantage over his nearest challenger John McGuinness, a former Macau GP winner in his own right, but the 39 year old is refusing to get carried away ahead of Sunday's race.

“Even though my time was similar to last year, it means nothing.  We have to wait until tomorrow and the race to see if I really can win.”

McGuinness' hopes of threatening Rutter's pole time of 2:23.794 were dashed by traffic on the tight confines of Macau but admitted Rutter always had an answer regardless of how quick he went, “every time I got close, Rutter did a better time”,  he added.

After a tough year as he strived to return from injury, Ian Hutchinson marked his comeback with an impressive third for Swan Yamaha. 'Hutchy' will be followed by Martin Jessopp and TT 2011 race winner Gary Johnson as the British riders sealed a lockout of the top five places.

The American challenge will be led by Jeremy Toye and Michael Barnes who start sixth and seventh respectively while neither of the local riders, Joao Fernandes and Sou Sio Hong managed to qualify outright.


City of Dreams Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix – 45th Edition

Qualifying Result:

Pos Rider Nat Machine Team Time/Gap
1 Michael Rutter GBR Ducati RidersMotorcycles.com 2:23.794
2 John McGuinness GBR Honda Roadhouse SMT Honda +3.157
3 Ian Hutchinson GBR Yamaha Swan Yamaha +4.117
4 Martin Jessopp GBR Ducati RidersMotorcycles.com +4.197
5 Gary Johnson GBR Suzuki IGT Suzuki by TAS +4.220
6 Jeremy Toye USA Kawasaki IGT Kawasaki Racing Team +4.419
7 Michael Barnes USA Kawasaki Attack Performance Kawasaki +4.848
8 James Storrar GBR BMW IseeMacau.com BMW by DMR +5.185
9 Rico Penzkofer GER BMW Penz13.com +5.466
10 Conor Cummins GBR Kawasaki IGT Kawasaki Racing Team +5.889
11 Steve Mercer GBR Honda Jentin Racing +6.158
12 James Hillier GBR Kawasaki Mocha Club Bournemouth Kawasaki +6.461
13 Bruce Anstey NZL Honda Padgettsmotorcycles.com +6.547
14 Horst Saiger AUT BMW Penz13.com +7.711
15 William Dunlop GBR Honda Wilson Craig Racing +8.285
16 Michael Dunlop GBR Kawasaki IGT Kawasaki Racing Team +8.292
17 Didier Grams GER Suzuki Heidger-RTG-Suzuki Muller +8.714
18 Stephen Thompson GBR Honda Roadhouse T & R Motorsport +9.152
19 James McBride GBR BMW PB Motorsport +10.134
20 Mark Miller USA Aprilia Splitlath Motorsport +10.329
21 Chris Clark USA Yamaha Yes-Pcs-Graves Yamaha +11.161
22 Sean Dwyer USA BMW Locust-Lee's Cycle +11.435
23 Paul Shoesmith GBR BMW PB Motorsport +11.875
24 Michal Dokoupil CZE BMW IseeMacau.com BMW by DMR +12.701
110% Qualifying Time: 2:38.173 (+14.369)
25 Joao Fernandes MAC BMW Team of Paris +16.335
26 Nuno Caetano POR Suzuki HM Racing Team +18.005
27 Sou Sio Hong MAC Honda SOU Sio Hong +19.724