Kimi “Has Best Qualifying Session Of The Year” As Fisi Makes Mistake

by Alasdair Lindsay

Kimi Raikkonen was left smiling after qualifying third for the Italian Grand Prix, describing the session as one of the best of the year and hoping that things can go better tomorrow for the race.

“I am pleased with this result,” he said, “For the team and for our fans. The car is not yet perfect, but it's good all the same. We knew the hardest task would come in Q2 as after that, the car is always very competitive with a race fuel load on board: all the same, it was a pleasant surprise to see how it handled in the final part. I am confident for tomorrow: at the start it won't be as easy to make up a lot of places as it was at Spa, because there are other cars fitted with KERS near me, but if everything goes well, we can fight for a place on the podium.”

Unfortunately not everyone was smiling in the team as Ferrari debutant Giancarlo Fisichella experienced a tough day at the office as he crashed out in the morning practice session, losing valuble track time.

Fisichella describing his weekend so far said, “Overall, I am reasonably happy, even if I'm aware that a fourteenth place on the grid is not up to the Ferrari standard. Yesterday, I drove the F60 for the first time and this morning, because of a mistake by me, I lost valuable time to prepare for qualifying, as I crashed into the barriers. I want to thank all the mechanics who did a fantastic job of rebuilding the car for qualifying. I was a bit tense before the session, as I knew I didn't yet have enough confidence in the car. Unfortunately, in Q2, I never managed to put together a perfect lap and so I couldn't make it through to Q3. It's a shame, as the potential was there, but tomorrow there is still time to have a good race nevertheless. Maybe, I can try and immediately make up some places at the start thanks to the KERS.”

In a seperate interview Fisichella was questioned about his feelings for Force India as they blitzed qualifying, “I am happy for them. I am happy even, because I did a fantastic job over there,” he said.

“I did a fantastic development of the car and this is the result. I am happy because in the last race I was second in the race, I did a pole position which was a great result.”

“But this one – the chance to be a Ferrari driver was the dream of my life and even if they can win the next five races, I would make the same decision. I want to be a Ferrari driver for the rest of the season.”

“I am happy about my choice and I am sure I can do a good job.”

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