Vettel and Red Bull have a frustrating day of testing in Barcelona

Sebastian Vettel was in the Red Bull for a second consecutive day in Barcelona today, but only completed 44 laps.

The team could only send the car out for limited running in the morning, thanks to a mixture of bad weather and technical issues. They did manage, however, to make valuable use of the time after lunch to work on the car set-up for Bahrain.

Head of Engineering Ian Morgan explained the problems, but said the team still managed to get something out of a difficult day. “We were late out this morning as we had a few technical issues following the overnight rebuild, which carried over into the planned programme for today. Once we were running in the afternoon we got three or four positive tests completed looking at set-up directions for Bahrain, which gave us some clear results – so we ended the session in much better shape.”

Vettel will be joined by teammate Webber to share driving duties tomorrow, the final day of pre-season testing.