Hillspeed Drivers to get Race Simulator help

Formula Renault BARC front runners Hillspeed have announced a new partnership which will provide race simulator training for their drivers in the 2010 season.

The team have reached an agreement with Neil Riddiford of WTCC Outfit bamboo engineering, the Derbyshire based outfit now has the opportunity to give their drivers extra training via the use of the state of the art, full motion race simulator.

The simulator, located at the Silverstone base for Bamboo, features a wealth of technology features, including force feedback steering, hydraulic brakes, paddle shift sequential gears and a Motec data logging system. In addition to the technology features, the simulator also enables the racers to further understand how to interpret the data and increase knowledge regarding the cars set up and how the changes affect the cars handling.

Hillspeed's front running contender, James Theodore and Team Principle, Richard Ollerenshaw both have experience of the simulator and they are both seriously impressed with the benefits.

“We're delighted to be able to offer this facility to our drivers”, commented Ollerenshaw, “We're very impressed with the simulator and when used in conjunction with on-track testing we believe significant benefits can be obtained.

“There are also obvious benefits to our overseas drivers who have never experienced UK circuits before, they can use the simulator and then be as prepared as possible when making their actual on-track debut at any given venue. All of our drivers will use the simulator during the season as part of a structured programme to complement their track running.”

The 1989 Formula Renault Champion, Riddiford, said: “Obviously, our simulator will be a fantastic tool for Hillspeed's drivers. It's a well established team that is geared towards providing its drivers the best possible service and this goes hand-in-hand with that. What we at Bamboo are trying to achieve marries in very nicely with what Hillspeed is doing for its young drivers.

“We're like-minded in the way we both operate. We're aiming to build a good working partnership to teach young drivers the tricks of the trade in a controlled environment, enabling them to get down to the nuts and bolts of what they need to do before putting it into practice out on the track.”