Part Failure Strikes Both Aston Martins Early On

Aston Martin Racing‘s hopes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans were hit early on by identical problem that befell both of their AMR-One cars on the same lap of the race.

A failure of the water pump drive caused Darren Turner to lock-up and spin the 007 car. At the same moment, Adrian Fernandez suffered exactly the same problem behind the wheel of the 009.

Fernandez was unable to get back to the pits, forcing the 009 into retirement. Turner recovered the 007 to the garage, where the team have been working hard to replace the part in order to try and get the car back into the race.

“Obviously we are bitterly disappointed that 009 has retired so early,” said team principal George Howard-Chappell. “We found some cracks in an aluminium pulley, and elected to substitute the part with a steel replacement. This has caused a problem elsewhere in the driveline and we will now run 007 again with the aluminium part.”


  • Proudastonworker

    Aston Martin. Dump these awful LMP’s please. Get the proper Aston’s out there like you used to do with the DBR9’s. David Richards, stop trying to get Aston toward F1 – its a boring sport. Its too expensive and Aston have huge a identity crisis with the awful Cygnet at the moment. Not to mention the Rapide made in Austria. AML is a great company, Bez WAKE UP! Drop the LMP’s, drop the Cygnet, and get those Rapide’s made at Gaydon NOW – not in 2012. Wake up, Aston is a Great British GT manufacturer. Not an F1 contender, not an eco car manufacturer. Thank god for the One-77 and Vantage Zagato.

  • Punkydog

    I agree! Come on AML give us proper gt factory cars.

  • Minkymikez


  • Proudastonworker

    Cone on 22, come on Krono’s!! Aston Martin is 7th.

  • Chris. Adams

    aston martin has never built an f! car and should stay away, factory built sport and gt cars are what you do best why try and reinvent the wheel.