Archie Hamilton’s Maiden Spa 24 Ends In Disappointment

A promising run into the overall top ten at the Total 24 Hours of Spa came to end for Archie Hamilton and the rest of the no.44 Faster Racing with DB Motorsport crew with just four hours left in the race. He shared the car with Harrie Kolen, Xavier Maassen and Hoevert Vos, all Dutchmen.

Hamilton played a starring role in the BMW Z4's rise from a start in the middle of the 62 car field. The young Briton took his first stint of his first Spa 24 with a two hour stretch in the Belgian darkness. On a wet track – persistent drizzle was factor for much of the event – Hamilton took over the car running fifteenth overall, and had moved the car up to ninth when he passed the driving duties over to the next man in the four man squad.

After his second stint, still in the pre-dawn darkness but on a dry track, Hamilton kept the car in the overall top ten, as well as in contention for honours in the Pro-Am Cup class, running second in class before losing ground and falling to third in class.

Whilst running third, however, and with Kolen at the wheel the car suffered a suspected mechanical failure between Blanchimont and the Bus Stop, spearing into the wall, bringing the team's race to an end.

“I'm devastated that we got so close to a podium finish but didn't make it,” lamented Hamilton. “It's hard out there and there are just so many factors to winning. It would have been amazing to get a good result. The whole experience has been fantastic so this is obviously a big anti-climax but that's all part of endurance racing. I've learnt a lot about endurance racing but I've also proved that I can be quick and consistent which is a small consolation. I feel a little closer to the Le mans win that I'm aiming for so now I need to look at what's the best next step to that goal.”

From the overall top ten, and third in class, Hamilton's teammate Harrie Kolen heads for the wall