Abu Dhabi Young Driver Test Day 3 Quotes: Berthon & HRT

by David Bean
Nathanael Berthon - Photo Credit: HRT

Nathanael Berthon - Photo Credit: HRT

Pos Driver Team Time Laps
12 France Nathanael Berthon Spain HRT 1:45.839 51


Nathanael Berthon:
“Today was a great experience but it felt like it was too short. I would like to spend some more time in the car but, as a first step, it was very good. I'm very tall and the fitting wasn't ideal but I think that my performance was good; the engineers told me that they were really satisfied with the test. This will serve me well for the future and it is in Formula 1 where I want to be once the moment comes. The thing which surprised me the most about the experience wasn't the car itself but everything that surrounds it. It's really impressive to see how many different things the team works on and all the data they look at is incredible. As for the car, it is much more balanced than a GP2, the braking is good and my favourite thing is the steering wheel, which is really light. Overall everything is impressive and it's been a good experience to have”.


Ángel Baena (Race Engineer):
“Today's work plan was quite intense and we're very satisfied with how it went. Both the team and the driver did a perfect job and we completed the programme. We planned various tyre tests for today to get a better understanding of their degradation and behavior on the first laps and also carried out some tests on the control system's set up and some adjustments for next year's car. We had a good connection with the driver and he adapted very quickly to the car. You could see he was really motivated, brave on quick corners but also very professional. The only inconvenience was that he is really tall and didn't feel too comfortable in the cockpit, but despite this he worked hard and it showed. I think he has great potential”.

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