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Schumacher Tops Timesheets on Day Two in Jerez; Red Bull Fastest of the 2012 Cars

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Mark Webber had the fastest of the 2012 cars in Jerez today  - Photo Credit: Clive Mason/Getty Images

Mark Webber had the fastest of the 2012 cars in Jerez today - Photo Credit: Clive Mason/Getty Images


Michael Schumacher was the fastest driver on Day Two of pre-season testing in Jerez, setting a best lap of 1:18.561. The seven-time world champion completed 132 laps in total for Mercedes.

Red Bull had the quickest of the new cars today, with Mark Webber finishing second fastest in the brand new RB8.

Daniel Ricciardo, who was in the Toro Rosso for his final day of the Jerez test, completed a century of laps and ended the day third on the timesheets.

Force India also completed a decent number of laps. With reserve driver Jules Bianchi behind the wheel this morning, and Paul di Resta taking over from the French rookie in the afternoon, the team notched up another 115 laps worth of mileage.

Kimi Raikkonen, who was the quickest man on track yesterday, was fifth for Lotus as he continued to adjust back to life in Formula 1.

Felipe Massa, whose best attempt at a lap was nearly two seconds off Schumacher’s best attempt, said that he was not concerned by the apparent lack of pace of the new F2012. Jenson Button can’t have been too impressed with the pace of the new McLaren either, finishing the day eighth on the timesheets, behind Massa.

Sergio Perez followed-on from industrious team-mate Kamui Kobayashi, completing 106 laps in the new Sauber in ninth, and Pastor Maldonado completed another 97 laps in the new Williams FW34 to round of today’s top ten.

Heikki Kovalainen completed more laps than any other driver today, managing to squeeze in 139 for Caterham. This was a particularly remarkable feat considering the teams were running with KERS for the first time – a system that can be unreliable at times.

Pedro de la Rosa‘s 2011-spec HRT propped up the timesheets for the second consecutive day.


Jerez Test Day Two: Unofficial times

Pos Driver Team Time Laps
1 Germany Michael Schumacher Germany Mercedes 1:18.561 132
2 Australia Mark Webber Austria Red Bull 1:19.184 97
3 Australia Daniel Ricciardo Italy Toro Rosso 1:19.587 100
4 France Jules Bianchi India Force India 1:20.221 46
5 Finland Kimi Raikkonen United Kingdom Lotus 1:20.239 117
6 United Kingdom Paul di Resta India Force India 1:20.272 69
7 Brazil Felipe Massa Italy Ferrari 1:20.454 95
8 United Kingdom Jenson Button United Kingdom McLaren 1:20.688 85
9 Mexico Sergio Perez Switzerland Sauber 1:20.711 106
10 Venezuela Pastor Maldonado United Kingdom Williams 1:21.197 97
11 Finland Heikki Kovalainen Malaysia Caterham 1:21.518 139
12 Spain Pedro de la Rosa Spain HRT 1:22.128 64


Jerez Test Day Two: Driver and Team Quotes


Michael Schumacher: “We made the most of a reliable car today to do lots of laps and learn a lot about the new Pirelli tyres, and how they perform on longer and shorter runs, and with different set-up configurations. It was a good and productive test, full of lots of useful information for the season ahead, and I am now looking forward to driving our 2012 car for the first time at the next test.”

Nico Rosberg will take over testing duties for Mercedes tomorrow, and the team will not be at the fourth and final day of the test on Friday. They will launch their 2012 car before the next test in Barcelona.


Red Bull

Mark Webber - Photo Credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Mark Webber - Photo Credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images


Mark Webber: “It was pretty good today. I think we're making good progress although, as I keep saying, it's still very early days in the concept of the car and we have a lot to get through before we race it. But it's the same for all the teams. We did well on the mileage today. I guess we could have done a bit more, but it was positive overall and the conditions were good to test in.”

Ian Morgan, Head of Race Engineering: “After yesterday's brief delay we had a pretty full programme to get through today and I'm pleased to say we got through the majority of it. There were a couple of minor niggles, but nothing major, so we didn't really lose any time. Mark did some work evaluating the available Pirelli tyre compounds.”

Sebastian Vettel will be in the Red Bull for the final two days of testing in Jerez.


Toro Rosso

Daniel Ricciardo - Photo Credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo - Photo Credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images


Daniel Ricciardo: “I am happy with what we did today: one hundred laps is around twice the distance we did yesterday. So we achieved our aim of getting plenty of miles for me and the car with a mix of short and long runs, trying three different tyre compounds. I also did some practice starts and pit entry tests, just about as much as one can do in one day. We have made progress and were even able to do some back to back runs to start finding out how the car reacts to set-up changes.” 

Ricciardo’s team-mate Jean-Eric Vergne takes over testing duties in Jerez tomorrow.


Force India

Jules Bianchi - Photo Credit: Sahara Force India Formula One Team

Jules Bianchi - Photo Credit: Sahara Force India Formula One Team


Jules Bianchi: “It was a really good morning and great to get my chance in the new car so early on. There was a lot to get used to, especially the steering wheel and remembering where all the switches are, but it didn't take too long before I felt happy in the car. It may only have been half a day, but the team asked me to do quite a lot of things and we managed to complete almost 50 laps before lunch. For me this year is all about learning and helping the team as much as I can, so today was important for that and getting to know the team. It's great that I am back in the car tomorrow and I will try and get closer to the limit, because it's important preparation for my Friday practice running this year.”

Paul Di Resta: “Half a day, but quite intense: 69 laps in just over three hours, which is a really good effort. But it was also one of the more difficult days because the wind seemed to get very strong from midday onwards, which made driving the car very tricky. However, we managed to get a clear direction on a couple of set-up changes so that's given us an indication of the areas we should explore over the coming weeks. After 101 laps yesterday and 115 today, we've clearly built a good, strong car, but now it's about getting into the detail, going over the data and getting ready for Barcelona.”

Andrew Green, Technical Director: “This morning was our first chance to work with Jules, so we focussed on getting him comfortable and familiar with all the systems on the car. He acclimatised quickly and soon found his rhythm, which meant we could push ahead with the aero work we had planned for this morning. He did an excellent job, worked well with the engineers and has settled into the team.

“In the afternoon session, Paul evaluated some set-up options while running with different tyre compounds: soft, medium and hard. The windy track conditions made that quite challenging, but we made the best of it and managed to get an early indication of where we should focus our efforts to extract performance from the car.”



Kimi Raikkonen - Photo Credit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic

Kimi Raikkonen - Photo Credit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic


Kimi Räikkönen: “There was a small issue with damage to the floor this morning when I went off and came back on to the circuit. An edge on a kerb caused the damage and we lost some time as it was repaired. Apart from that it was a good day and we completed some long runs and good mileage. Physically, I felt fine after 117 laps. Conditions were quite windy on track but despite this I got a better feeling from the car. There was a lot of difference between the tyres. We used three compounds, but it was hard to get all of them working with the cooler temperatures today. When the tyres are working we seem to have a good car and I have a positive feeling from this first test. ”

Alan Permane, Trackside Operations Director: “We had an interruption this morning with a slight off from Kimi which caused some damage to the car. This gave us an opportunity with the car in the garage to change the specification of steering rack, so we lost a reasonable amount of time in the morning. The E20 ran reliably for the rest of the day, meaning we were able to complete most of our planned programme. We looked at set-up, using the medium and soft tyres. We ran long runs in the afternoon, including a final run on the hard tyre, to gain mileage and everything worked very well. The balance is good which is encouraging from a performance perspective and the E20 was reliable again. All specifications of tyres are behaving as we would expect with the E20 so this is another area of encouragement.”



Felipe Massa - Photo Credit: Ferrari

Felipe Massa - Photo Credit: Ferrari


Felipe Massa: “These two days have been different to usual, at least compared to what we've been used to at the start of previous years. This car is packed with elements that need plenty of fine tuning and they are different to what we had on previous cars. We concentrated on setting up a lot of specific points and there is still a lot to do: as usual, some things work the way they should, others less so. For example, I did a lot of laps at constant speed to gather information on the aerodynamics and on the general handling, because we need to be sure of the direction in which we need to go on the development front.

“We made some set-up changes from yesterday to today and the results this produced were what we had expected. It's important that this happened, as it means the car is reacting in the right way. Obviously, there is still a lot to do, maybe more than we had expected before we started, but we are definitely not scared of hard work!

“I think the F2012 could well suit my driving style better than the previous car: for example, there is much less understeer. It's only a case of working on it calmly and with concentration and that's what we will continue to do over the next few days when Fernando drives. I think this car has great potential, also taking into account the point we are at now. Is this the ugliest Ferrari I've ever driven? I don't know, as from the cockpit you can't see the front wing and therefore not the step either: but definitely from the outside, it's not the prettiest…”

Fernando Alonso will get his first chance to test the latest Ferrari tomorrow in Jerez.



David Redding, Team Manager: “Despite the cold and windy conditions, Jenson was able to log further mileage with MP4-27 today. It's still early days, and this was very much an exploratory day, but we were able to get a useful understanding of how the car behaves and reacts out on the track.

“It's satisfying that Jenson's been able to complete more than 600km of trouble-free running over the past two days; that puts us in a good position for the rest of the week.”

Lewis Hamilton takes over testing duties at McLaren tomorrow.



Sergio Perez - Photo Credit: Sauber Motorsport AG

Sergio Perez - Photo Credit: Sauber Motorsport AG


Sergio Pérez: “For me it was a positive day. It was great to be back on track after the winter break and so far I'm happy with the new car. I feel confident. It was a shame that we lost track time due to the fuel system problem in the afternoon, but I think we can catch up tomorrow. We have a huge programme for Thursday and I'm looking forward to it very much. Compared to yesterday we have already learnt a great deal more about the C31.”

Giampaolo Dall'Ara, Head of Track Engineering: “It was Sergio's first day of testing with the new car. To start with he had to familiarise himself with the C31 and he did a bit of set-up work in the morning. During the lunch break we implemented new aero parts on the car. They are working well and as expected which is important and good news. In the afternoon we unfortunately lost track time because of a problem with the fuel system. So far we have only used the medium tyre compound.”

Perez will be back in the car again tomorrow, and then hand it over to Kamui Kobayashi for Friday.



Pastor Maldonado - Photo Credit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic

Pastor Maldonado - Photo Credit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic


Pastor Maldonado: “We ran through our test programme and covered everything we needed to today. We did some long runs this afternoon and the car is looking good. We will now spend some time analysing all of the data we have gathered. It's good to put more mileage on the FW34 and we now aim to continue that throughout the next two days.”

Mark Gillan, Chief Operations Engineer: We successfully completed the majority of our planned test programme today with Pastor covering 97 laps. We performed a mixture of mechanical and aerodynamic set-up tests, in addition to continued engine and KERS systems checks. Bruno will have his first outing in the car tomorrow as we switch driver for the final two days of the test.”

Bruno Senna will have his first chance to drive the FW34 tomorrow, and the Brazilian will also be in the car on Friday, the final day of this Jerez test.



Heikki Kovalainen - Photo Credit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic

Heikki Kovalainen - Photo Credit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic


Heikki Kovalainen: “I feel very happy with the work we have completed today. Yesterday we had a problem that was nothing to do with the car so today was our first real day of testing and we had a trouble free day, completing most of what we wanted to on day one and day two and working through a variety of setup changes. We ran on each of the tyre compounds and I'm really starting to get a feel for the car. Basically it's good news because it confirms what I thought yesterday. This car is a lot better than the 2011 car, it's quicker and everything works as we want it to. We've made very solid progress and I feel really good physically, so I think there's a lot more to come.”

Mike Gascoyne, Chief Technical Officer: “An excellent day of testing and I want to congratulate Heikki and the whole team for the job we have done today. We ran KERS for the first time and completed everything we had planned with that system, so thank you to Red Bull Technology and Renault Sport F1 for helping make that part of the program run so smoothly.

“Today we were concentrating on the setup program, using long runs to really start understanding what this car can do, so having completed 139 laps we have made a huge amount of progress, particularly compared to last year, and now we have to make sure we keep up this sort of momentum for the rest of the tests.”



Pedro de la Rosa - Photo Credit: HRT

Pedro de la Rosa - Photo Credit: HRT


Pedro de la Rosa: “Today we've progressed quite a bit as the day wore on; we've got more out of the car without having changed practically anything. Above all, today served me to get to know the tyres better. We all got to know each other a bit better and worked well together. I got rid of the rust yesterday and today I refreshed myself. On the first day the objective was not to go to the limit, but to get to know the people and for all of us to start working together. And the team did a good job. Today was more about seeing how far I could go, and that is why I think we improved on our times so much. Today I'm even more satisfied than yesterday, but on a personal note because I drove better. I'm leaving with a smile on my face and very much looking forward to Barcelona”.

Toni Cuquerella, Chief Race Engineer: “The two days of testing have served as good practice for the team, the majority of which is new, the equipment, which is also new, and also as a chance for Pedro to try out last year's car and regain feelings at the steering wheel. We haven't experienced major problems and completed the test programme with both the systems and the team working well. We've also extracted enough data from the new compound tyres with this car to be able to compare it with the data regarding 2011's tyres and reach conclusions that will help us for the next tests. Therefore we can say that we've met our targets for these tests. When we arrive in Barcelona with the new car, everything else will be in place so we can fully concentrate on the car”.

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