Barbera On Fourth Row After Tough Day In Germany

Hector Barbera will have his work cut out in tomorrow's German Grand Prix after qualifying twelfth in wet conditions. The Pramac Racing rider made the worst possible start to qualifying with a crash at the Sachsen curve and traffic later on prevented him from reaching his full potential. Barbera will move up to eleventh on the grid due to Alvaro Bautista's penalty but that didn't disguise what was a turbulent day for Hector.

“It was a difficult day, especially due to the tricky weather conditions. From the morning session, we had rain and during the qualifying session I had to grit my teeth after the crash. I was braking on entry to turn 12 but unfortunately I lost the front, crashing at one of the fastest points of this track. I was able to regain the confidence both with my Ducati and with the wet surface, even if I found some riders on my line during the last minutes of the qualifying session and I struggled to set a fast lap time to start tomorrow's race from a better grid position.”

Although the result was far from ideal, team manager Francesco Guidotti was proud of Barbera for pushing hard despite his early fall.

“I have to congratulate Hèctor because after the crash, he re-joined the session with strong determination. We could have achieved a better grid position, but the important point was that we found a good setup in the wet. Now we will hope for a dry warm up to be sure to have a great setup also with this track condition. In summary, it was a hard but positive session for our team.”