Big Ambitions For Tony Gilham And Team HARD.

They may be a newcomer to the Dunlop MSA Touring Car Championship but Tony Gilham and Team HARD. are determined to make an impact.

After announcing the signing of Robb Holland, who’ll become the first American to race in the series in 37 years at Snetterton, Gilham’s squad has big plans for the future.

Holland will take over Gilham’s Honda Civic for the next two races but the team boss may still be on the grid.

“I am not 100% racing,” he told “I might be. It could even be in an NGTC car. The car’s ready, if I want to use it I can. I’ve also got an option of an S2000. But I’ve to make a decision whether I come back out straight or I leave it till later in the year or wait until we build our own NGTC car. I do want to race, I do want to be out there but at the same time I have got to look to the future.”

Reliance on others is not part of the team’s long-term plans, and they will begin their own NGTC production for next season shortly.

He said: “We’re going to build our own NGTC cars. We’re probably not going to be able to get one out in time for the end of the season but we’ll definitely have two next year.

“In three years time we want to be one of if not the biggest team in the championship.”

For now though Gilham’s attentions are torn between getting back on the grid and planning “one of the biggest days in touring car history”.

“All we’re gonna do is call it ‘The Event’ for now. It’s gonna be March 3, it’s gonna be a massive massive day. Lots of big name drivers will be there taking part. Anybody that’s ever won in Touring Cars, past or present, will be there competing against each other.”

Keep an eye on for more information on ‘The Event’.