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LIVE: Formula 1 – Hungarian Grand Prix Race

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The live blog below will be updated automatically throughout the race which starts at 13:00 UK time. Contact us on twitter at @tcff1

14:54Hope you have enjoyed our live coverage of the Hungarian Grand Prix, no live F1 coverage for a few weeks but join us next week for live coverage of the British GT series from Snetterton.

14:50Provisional results:

  1. Lewis Hamilton
  2. Kimi Raikkonen
  3. Romain Grosjean
  4. Sebastien Vettel
  5. Fernando Alonso
  6. Jenson Button
  7. Bruno Senna
  8. Mark Webber
  9. Felipe Massa
  10. Nico Rosberg
  11. Nico Hulkenberg
  12. Paul Di Resta
  13. Pastor Maldonado
  14. Sergio Perez
  15. Daniel Ricciardo
  16. Jean Eric-Vergne
  17. Heikki Kovalainen
  18. Kamui Kobayashi
  19. Vitaly Petrov
  20. Charles Pic
  21. Timo Glock
  22. Pedro de la Rosa


  • Narain Karthikeyan
  • Michael Schumacher

14:46FINAL LAP – Hamilton leads Raikkonen and Grosjean

14:46It looks like Grosjean has done enough to secure his podium position despite the pressure from Vettel.

14:45It’ll be important for Lewis Hamilton to win this race as the teams head in to the summer break, it will get him in a positive mood for the second half of the season.

14:44Lewis Hamilton is pushing hard as he extends his lead back to 1.2 seconds.

14:42It looks like Sebastien Vettel will catch Romain Grosjean by the end of the race but will he be able to pass him?

14:41Karthikeyan ends the race in the barriers

14:415 laps remaining and Lewis Hamilton leads Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean while Sebastien Vettelis a further 10.6 seconds back

14:38Sebastien Vettel continues to set fast times as he brings the gap down to 13.4 between himself and Romain Grosjean

14:37Kimi Raikkonen is now pushing Lewis Hamilton hard for the win on lap 63 of 69

14:35Sebastien Vettel is upping the ante with the fastest lap, he’s 17 seconds off the back of Romain Grosjean

14:34Michael Schumacher calls it a day in the garage with a planned retirement for a new gearbox at the next race.

14:33Lewis Hamilton has stepped up the pace and sets the fastest final sector of the race

14:3210 laps remaining as Sebastien Vettel rejoins in front of Fernando Alonso.

14:32Sebastien Vettel pits for a fresh set of tyres

14:31Kimi Raikkonen is still in the DRS zone behind Lewis HamiltonRomain Grosjean is holding off the pressure from Sebastien Vettel

14:2915 laps remaining and Lewis Hamilton continues to lead the race, Jenson Button is in sixth place followingMark Webber’s pitstop

14:27Mark Webber heads in to the pits…

14:26Kimi Raikkonen is now in DRS activation territory and is already using it to move in on Lewis Hamilton

14:26The top four positions are covered by 5.9 seconds as the drivers head in to lap 55 of 69

14:25Romain Grosjean straightlines the chicane

14:24Kimi Raikkonen is closing in on Hamilton

14:23Positions after 51 laps: HAM, RAI, GRO, VET, WEB, ALO ,BUT, SEN, MAS, ROS, HUL, MAL, DIR, PER, KOB, RIC, VER, MSC, KOV, PET, PIC, GLO, DLR, KAR

Pastor Maldonado will have to serve a penalty for his coming together with Paul Di Resta

14:20Pastor Maldonado and Paul Di Resta have a small coming together

14:18Lewis Hamilton leads the race by  3 seconds over Kimi Raikkonen as the Finn closes in on the lead. 7 seconds are covering the top four positions… it’s still an open race.

14:14The two Lotus drivers almost collide as Raikkonen comes out of the pitlane and forces his younger team-mate out wide

14:13Michael Schumacher is in 18th place and behind the Sauber of Kamui Kobayashi, looks like it’ll be as far as the German gets this afternoon

14:12Kimi Raikkonen has a lead of 13.9 seconds and is pushing hard, it’ll be interesting to see where he comes out after the pit stop at the end of this lap

14:09Bruno Senna pits, hopefully for Jenson Button he will be able to push on now and chase down Sebastien Vettel

14:08We would love to know your thoughts of the race so far, comment below or tweet us on @tcff1

14:07Fastest lap for Mark Webber on fresh tyres

14:07Kimi Raikkonen sets the fastest lap… he will be pushing as hard as he can before he has to pit

14:06Lewis Hamilton pits and manages to resume in front of Alonso and Grosjean

14:05Paul Di Resta lights up the time sheets as he sets the fastest two sectors of the race in S2 and S3 on his out lap from the pits

14:04Romain Grosjean heads in to the pits from second place for medium tyres

14:03Vettel comes out in front of Bruno Senna and Jenson Button

14:02Sebastien Vettel pits

14:02Sebastien Vettel could be hampered on his forge forward as Kimi Raikkonen closing in on the back of the Red Bull

14:01Jenson Button is trying his hardest to get around the Williams of Bruno Senna

14:00Kimi Raikkonen is also piling on the pressure as he sets the fastest lap.

13:59Sebastien Vettel is lapping 1 second faster than leader Hamilton

13:58Sebastien Vettel sets the fastest lap as his team-mate Mark Webber also steps up the pace from sixth place

13:57Jenson Button pits from third place…. a good stop from the team, 19 seconds in the pitlane in total

13:56Lap 33: Hamilton <- 1.1 – > Grosjean <- 5.6 -> Button <- 6.7 ->Vettel

13:55Michael Schumacher pits again from 18th position

13:53Sebastien Vettel is getting frustrated as he tells the team to “Try Something” to get him around Jenson Button

13:52Sebastien Vettel seems to have more pace that Jenson Button but just can’t find the extra pace to make a move.

13:51Positions with 29 laps complete: HAM, GRO, BUT, VET, RAI,ALO, WEB, SEN, MAS, ROS, HUL, MAL, DIR, RIC, PER, KOB, VER, KOV, MSC, PET, PIC, DLR, KAR, GLO

13:49Romain Grosjean has settled back in to his pace and is closing in on the leader Lewis Hamilton

13:48Kimi Raikkonen is told to save his tyres and make this stint last as long as possible.

13:47Michael Schumacher has made it up to 19th place as he looks to recover from his early bad luck

13:46Lewis Hamilton reacts to the pressure from Romain Grosjean and brings the gap back to 1.7 seconds.Sebastien Vettel continues to pressure Jenson Button

13:43Romain Grosjean is now in the DRS activation zone as he brings the gap down to 0.9s, looks like both McLarens are under pressure as Vettel closes in on Button

13:41Romain Grosjean is on a charge as he sets the fastest lap, he brings the gap down to 1.3 seconds

13:40All drivers with the exception of Pedro De La Rosa have now pitted, Lewis Hamilton continues to leads the race with a 2.2 second gap over Romain Grosjean

13:39Apologies for the lack of updates for the last 10 minutes, we’re having a few technical issues at TCF HQ this weekend!

13:26Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap briefly before Romain Grosjean brings the gap back down to 2.4 with the fastest lap.

13:25Lewis Hamilton pulls out a gap of 2.7 as Romain Grosjean looks to respond with the fastest first sector.

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13:23Michael Schumacher is currently in last position but catching fellow countryman Glock by 2.5 seconds per lap.

13:22Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap.

The top 10 on lap 10 are: HAM, GRO, BUT, VET, ALO, RAI, WEB, SEN, MAS, HUL

13:21According to rumors in the paddock this weekend Kimi Raikkonen could be on his way back to Ferrari next year, he will be charging hard in this race to cement his chances

13:19The top three drivers are easing away from Sebastian VettelGrosjean is 2.2 seconds behind leaderHamilton

13:14After opening day disappointment for TeamGB in the Olympics Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button will be looking to inspire the nation with a great result today.

13:12Michael Schumacher gets a drive through penalty for speeding in the pitlane

13:12On lap 4 Lewis Hamilton leads Romain Grosjean and team-mate Jenson Button.


13:09Michael Schumacher may face a penalty for speeding in the pitlane… not a great day for the German!

13:09Michael Schumacher switches to medium compound tyres as Raikkonen tells the pits that his KERS isn’t working

13:08Sebastian Vettel‘s early charge has actually seen him drop back to fourth place as Lewis Hamilton pulls out a 1.4 second gap on the first lap.

13:07Hamilton heads in to the lead with Grosjean defends hard against Vettel, Button is now pushing Vettel hard… and passes him

13:06The grid is forming up again… let’s go racing!

13:05Michael Schumacher will start from the pitlane after the team fire up the Mercedes.

13:04The cars head around for another formation after Michael Schumacher‘s Mercedes expires on the grid

13:02Lewis Hamilton brings the field around to form up on the grid

13:00This is how the drivers qualified yesterday..

Pos  Driver                Team                 Time      Gap 
 1.  Lewis Hamilton        McLaren-Mercedes     1m20.953s        
 2.  Romain Grosjean       Lotus-Renault        1m21.366s + 0.413
 3.  Sebastian Vettel      Red Bull-Renault     1m21.416s + 0.463
 4.  Jenson Button         McLaren-Mercedes     1m21.583s + 0.630
 5.  Kimi Raikkonen        Lotus-Renault        1m21.730s + 0.777
 6.  Fernando Alonso       Ferrari              1m21.844s + 0.891
 7.  Felipe Massa          Ferrari              1m21.900s + 0.947
 8.  Pastor Maldonado      Williams-Renault     1m21.939s + 0.986
 9.  Bruno Senna           Williams-Renault     1m22.343s + 1.390
10.  Nico Hulkenberg       Force India-Mercedes 1m22.847s + 1.894
11.  Mark Webber           Red Bull-Renault     1m21.715s  + 0.655
12.  Paul di Resta         Force India-Mercedes 1m21.813s  + 0.753
13.  Nico Rosberg          Mercedes             1m21.895s  + 0.835
14.  Sergio Perez          Sauber-Ferrari       1m21.895s  + 0.835
15.  Kamui Kobayashi       Sauber-Ferrari       1m22.300s  + 1.240
16.  Jean-Eric Vergne      Toro Rosso-Ferrari   1m22.380s  + 1.320
17.  Michael Schumacher    Mercedes             1m22.723s  + 1.663
18.  Daniel Ricciardo      Toro Rosso-Ferrari   1m23.250s  + 1.456
19.  Heikki Kovalainen     Caterham-Renault     1m23.576s  + 1.782
20.  Vitaly Petrov         Caterham-Renault     1m24.167s  + 2.373
21.  Charles Pic           Marussia-Cosworth    1m25.244s  + 3.450
22.  Timo Glock            Marussia-Cosworth    1m25.476s  + 3.682
23.  Pedro de la Rosa      HRT-Cosworth         1m25.916s  + 4.122
24.  Narain Karthikeyan    HRT-Cosworth         1m26.178s  + 4.384
12:57Welcome along to our live coverage of the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

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