Gearbox Change Hands Webber Five Place Penalty

For the second time in three races, Mark Webber will drop five places on the grid from wherever he qualifies after his gearbox was changed out of sequence. The Australian, who trails Fernando Alonso by forty points, will now have his work cut out to close in on the Spaniard at Spa this weekend.

Conditions were atrocious in Belgium today with Webber not going out at all this afternoon and speaking immediately after the session, the Red Bull driver said the track was so wet that it wouldn’t be possible to race in such conditions.

“It’s a shame because we love Spa and it would be nice to do some more laps, but in the end you can’t really learn much in these conditions. We got some info from FP1, but you can’t race when there’s so much standing water on track and you probably wouldn’t qualify in this, so in the end we just put the car to bed tonight and come back tomorrow.”

Teammate Sebastian Vettel agreed that the circuit was undriveable today but is eagerly anticipating the challenge of a dry qualifying session tomorrow.

“It’s a shame when there’s so much water, as we’d love to go out on track more, but you can’t. It’s a shame for fans around the track – it’s quite windy and probably not so nice out on the grandstands. Hopefully they can come back tomorrow with dry clothes and we’ll have some sunshine – that’s the forecast anyway! You can’t race in these conditions, as the tyres can’t get rid of the water.”