Live: FIA WEC Six Hours Of Silverstone Race Part One

FIA World Endurance Championship (Photo Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

This blog will be automatically refreshed during the first half of the fourth round of the FIA World Endurance Championship, the Six Hours of Silverstone.

14:59And now at the half way point – we at TCF swap onto Part Two of our live coverage of the Six Hours of Silverstone

14:55Yep, Nico Lapierre jumps in as the Toyota mechanics change Michelin tyres on all four corners of the TS030

14:54In comes Nakajima five minutes before the half way point in the race

14:49Team Toyota are readying themselves for another pitstop – this should be for Nicolas Lapierre to take over the car. Possibly. Maybe.

14:47Allan McNish pits from third place. He’ll fall off the lead lap.

14:46They are side-by-side down the Hanger Straight and through Stowe before Nakajima makes the inside line for the Club chicane count and retakes the lead.

14:45Treluyer and Nakajima are absolutely together as the fight between LMP2 cars in a battle for position themselves

14:40Olivier Pla takes the LMP2 leads while Treluyer begins a search for a way past Nakajima with a look at Stowe

14:38Tor Graves has taken over from John Martin and returned to the track but just three seconds ahead of Olivier Pla in the OAK Morgan

14:36Richard Lietz is back out in the Felbermayr-Proton Porsche but he’s now seven laps downon the GTE pro leader Stefan Mucke.

14:35John Martin pits from the LMP2 lead. Like Minassian he should jump out of the car to end a tremendous triple stint for the Aussie

14:34Simon Dolan replaces Minassian in the Jota car. Treluyer rejoins and is only 1.5 seconds down on Nakajima and the Toyota TS030 Hybrid

14:33Nicolas Minassion brings his triple stint in the Jota Zytek to and end as Benoit Treluyer pits the #1 Audi from the lead

14:29The GTE Pro leading Ferraris of Giancarlo Fisichella and James Walker pit giving the lead to Stefan Mucke and Aston Martin Racing.

14:25Lietz is back in the pits and unsurprisingly is jacked onto the casters and wheeled back into the garage.

14:22Richard Lietz is smoking his way around after a failure in the right-rear on the Felbermayr-Proton Porsche

14:22Team manager of the #1 Audi being called to race control. Do I sniff a penalty for the Krohn contact?

14:13Nakajima has been in and out for Toyota’s third stop of the race to start his second stint in the TS030 Hybrid

14:11Richard Lietz takes the Porsche back out with Mucke still in the Aston and still trailing. Fisichella takes the class lead.

14:101st and 2nd in GTE Pro come in to the pits together, Lieb in the lead Porsche, Stefan Mucke in the Aston Martin from second

14:09After a few slower laps getting through traffic Treluyer has got himself some clear track. What can he do about the Toyota’s lead?

14:06The safety cars retreat to the pitlane and Kazuki Nakajima puts the McNish R18 ultra down a lap straight away!

14:05Of course – this safety car period has done a lot of Treluyer’s job for him, closing him towards the Toyota.

14:02Two hours down and behind the safety car Kazuki Nakajima leads for Toyota overall, John Martin heads LMP2 in a triple stint in the ADR-Delta LMP2. Marc Lieb leads GTE Pro and Fernando Rees leads GTE Am for Larbre Competition.

13:57And we have out first safety car for the deceased LMP2 Lotus on the Hanger Straight.

13:57And as if my magic the incident between Lotterer and Tracy Krohn is under investigation.

13:56And now Tracy Krohn spins at Club after pretty hefty contact with Treluyer’s Audi.

13:54Boom! That’s the sound of the engine in the #32 Lotus LMP2 giving up. That’s the end of a pretty sorry race for them after having to start from the pitlane having already made one engine change.

13:52Nakajima’s lead is now just 7 seconds, just as he comes onto the rear of McNish’s R18 ultra

13:51Allan McNish pits with a slow right rear puncture, but just stays on the lead lap with Nakajima now right behind him.

13:50Benoit Treluyer is on a charge, chipping away at the lead which is now just 9.1 seconds

13:47John Martin – somehow – has pulled into a 40 second lead at the top of LMP2 and is pulling further away from Enzo Potolicchio, the Venezuelan almost unarguably the slowest of the 3 Starworks drivers.

13:45McNish rejoins a full minute behind the lead Toyota.

13:43Nakajima breezes back into the lead with Treluyer in second, 12 seconds adrift.

13:41Kristensen’s in the pits with Allan McNish ready to take his place in the closed cockpit R18 ultra.

13:40The answer to that one – for the time being – is second as both Martin and Minassian stay aboard their respective charges.

13:39John Martin and Nicolas Minassian (Jota) have pitted from 1st and 2nd in LMP2. Where will Potolicchio slot back in.

13:38Benoit Treluyer takes over the Audi Hybrid and rejoins behind Kazuki Nakajima’s Toyota

13:36End of lap 54 and Andre Lotterer pits from the lead in the Audi R18 e-tron quattro.

13:35Sarrazin pits the Starworks HPD, Enzo Potolicchio taking to the cockpit for his stint for the Le Mans class winners.

13:34The wheel parted company with the car approaching Copse

13:33Race director reports that Brendon Hartley is running having lost a left front wheel in the Murphy Prototypes LMP2 car

13:3090 minutes in Lotterer and Audi lead after Toyota’s second stop. John Martin leads LMP2 for ADR-Delta. Marc Lieb and Jonny Adam lead the GTE Pro and Am classes respectively.

13:27And John Martin’s got the class lead with a simple move at Copse corner

13:27In LMP2 John Martin has closed right up to Stephane Sarrazin – just .0336 between them in the fight for the class lead

13:24Stefan Mucke takes second in GTE Pro from Fisichella. Marc Lieb lies 3.6 seconds up the road in the class leading Porsche

13:22It’s fuel and tyres and Kazuki Nakajima for the #7 car,

13:21Wurz pits at the end of lap 45 and 1 hour 20 of racing

13:20So far – aside from the #35 OAK and the #32 Lotus LMP2 entries there have been few major problems. That’s probably cursed it.

13:18Toyota mechanics have appeared in preparation for a second stop. Wurz is leading by 18 seconds with Kazuki Nakajima ready to take his stint in the car.

13:13It’s actually Giancarlo Fisichella in the AF Corse Ferrari now, Bruni having jumped out at the pitstop.

13:12And the answer – at least for Bruni – is in second as Marc Lieb takes the class lead in the Felbermayr-Proton Porsche

13:10Marco Cioci pit the AF-Waltrip Ferrari from the GTE Am lead and Gimmi Bruni follows him in from GTE Pro lead. Question is where they filter back out into the battles before the stops.

13:04Starworks Motorsport’s HPD ARX-03b leads LMP2 after the opening hour

13:01We are 1 hour down. Wurz leads by 9.4 seconds from Lotterer. Sarrazin leads LMP2 for Starworks Motorsport. Mid-pitstop rotation Gimmi Bruni leads GTE Pro and Paolo Ruberti heads the Am boys.

12:59First GTE stopper is Stuart Hall in the #98 Aston Martin from third in the GTE Am category

12:58Don’t read anything into this but Tom Kristensen has just picked up his second track limits warning of the race.

12:56Stuart Hall gave Ruberti a bit of a tap on his way through, damaging the rear of the Porsche, unperturbed Ruberti has overhauled Cioci for the class lead now.

12:54In GTE Am Paolo Ruberti finally takes second place in class from Stuart Hall. The top three in class (Marco Cioci leads) are covered by less than a second as the hour mark approaches.

12:51Stephane Sarrazin, meanwhile, has taken back the LMP2 lead with John Martin 11 seconds in arrears for ADR-Delta

12:49Kristensen pits now, Wurz retakes the lead, Lotterer goes back into second place

12:47Lotterer pits from the lead after 26 laps, Kristensen goes through to take the lead.

12:46Jonny Kane now in for Strakka Racing, which should give Jani and Rebellion Racing back LMP1 privateer lead

12:45Pitstops starting en masse. Sarrazin gives up the LMP2 lead, Neel Jani gives up the LMP1 privateer lead.

12:43#35 OAK Racing car of Bertrand Baguette is spun around and pushed into the garage.

12:39Wurz pits after 22 laps.

12:39Now the Audi pitcrew is gloving up ready for their first stop

12:38Possibly a communication problem for Wurz and Toyota as his electronic pitboard is telling him to pit, as the Austrian goes past again.

12:36Wurz is still lapping, now up to 20 laps with an 11 second lead.

12:34Darren Turner has taken second place in GTE Pro away from Gimmi Bruni.

12:32Toyota men gathering in the pitlane after just 18 laps of racing.

12:30Half an hour in the class leaders are Wurz (Toyota), Sarrazin (Starworks), Lietz (Felbermayr-Proton) and Cioci (AF-Waltrip)

12:27Wurz now leads by 4.1 seconds after 15 laps and 27 minutes of racing

12:25Somehow – though they’ve nose to tail for several laps – Richard Lietz still leads GTE Pro from Gimmi Bruni with Darren Turner in third.

12:23Wurz’s lead is out to 2.048 seconds as the leaders fight their way through the LMP2 hoards

12:21Toyota leads after Lotterer is baulked by the Gulf Racing AMR LMP2 Lola out of Copse.

12:20The top three have got themselves back together. 2.75 covering all three, Wurz just .359 off the lead.

12:18Nine laps in Peter Dumbreck has made it up to seventh place with the rest of LMP1 cars but still trails  6th placeAndrea Belicchi by 30 seconds or so.

12:13Marco Cioci has taken the GTE Am lead for AF-Waltrip away from AMR’s Stuart Hall

12:10In LMP2 Stephane Sarrarin have a relatively mammoth four second lead over John Martin’s ARD-Delta ORECA 03

12:09We’ve got five laps down and the top three have settled into a well space rhythm already with Lotterer leading by 3.2 second over Wurz, 5.4 over Kristensen.

12:04Alex Brundle has fallen back in the early laps after being caught by Dumbreck’s spin. He’s now only 19th as Stephane Sarrazin leads for Starworks Motorsport

12:02Lotterer leads by 1.165 over Wurz at the end of lap one. Neel Jani is fourth for Rebellion Racing behind TK

12:01Dumbreck is back going – no real damage visible

12:00And we’re racing! Lotterer leads in to T1 with the Toyota in second and Peter Dumbreck spins the JRM HPD behind!

11:59Can we wish every driver, official, photographer and fan a good, safe race.

11:56Lotterer and Kristensen lead the field away on their formation lap. We should be racing next past the The Wing!

11:55Engines started. Ready to race.

11:52Alex Brundle will take the start from the LMP2 pole he claimed yesterday for Greaves Motorsport. Richard Lietz and Stuart Hall from the top spots in GTE Pro and Am respectively.

11:51Andre Lotterer and Tom Kristensen will start the Audis from the front row, Alex Wurz the Toyota from P3

11:50Right, we’re ten minutes away from the start of the Six Hours of Silverstone. Drivers in the cars ready for the rolling start.