Live: 2012 Britcar 24 Hours Part 2

This live blog will be updated during the the 2012 Britcar 24 Hours.

10:59You can find part 3 of our coverage here –

08:39We are moving over to a third and final part of our monumental live coverage of the #britcar24

08:36Brunswick Automotive BMW gets pushed into the garage out of the Class Four lead and fourth overall.

08:34The Racer Industries Holden Astra gets a drive through penalty for a refuelling infringement

08:33MP Motorsport still has the overall lead, 3 laps ahead of the MB Racing Aston Martin Vantage GT3.

08:327 hours left with 406 laps complete. Standings – Class 1: MB Racing. Class 2: MP M/Sport. Class 3: Perfection Racing. Class 4: Brunswick.

08:31Neil Garner Mosler has set the fastest lap on Lap 399, setting a time of 2.05.297.

08:25Team LNT’s Ginetta G55 has the bonnet off and the air intake and other parts in that area are being checked.

08:23Team Manager for No. 87 asked to go to Race Control.

08:20MB racing Aston Martin No. 16 now in the pits. Wall has taken over from Cripps.

08:18Correction Guy Povey Motorsport parked in the garage, rather than MP Motorsport.

08:17No 70 MP Motorsport drives down pitlane into its garage, with smoke coming from engine bay – pushed out into the paddock.

08:15No 67 Rogue Motorsport MR2 having repairs carried out, with multiple body panels taken off.

08:13Team LNT now in the garage with rear bumper off, and repairs are underway. Right rear driveshaft looks to be replaced.

08:11Team Manager No 88 Rollcentre Toyota GT86 is asked to go to Race Control.

08:10Pitstop for the Mosler seems to be taking longer, due to front wheels taking longer to fit on the car.

08:06Neil Garner Mosler in the pits, for scheduled stop.

08:03Team Manager for No. 51 Optimum Motorsport Ginetta asked to go to Race Control.

07:57Insurance Store BMW No 69 has a stop go +2 penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

07:55No 59 Strata Porsche 996 has pitted, and Wheeler takes over from Smith.

07:54No 69 Team Manager asked to go to Race Control.

07:51Their race pace was impressive, setting lap times around 2m09 and 2m10. Tomlinson seems to have had no luck behind the wheel.

07:50Team LNT Ginetta No. 6 recovered in on flatbed. Right rear wheel disappeared.

07:47Intersport Racings M3 has vibration on the front right. Radcliffe behind the wheel.

07:46Routine stop for the 120d No. 69 BMW.

07:45No 69 BMW in the pits with the bonnet up. Unscheduled stop it seems.

07:42No 91 Rogue Motorsport BMW M3 looks as if it is the next official retirement of the field. Propshaft related.

07:36Intersport Racing now 8th overall, and second in Class 3.

07:34No 67 Rogue Motorsport MR2 now back in pit lane.

07:32MP M/Sport still leading ahead of MB Racing by 4 laps overall.

07:32Standings with 8 hrs left and 380 laps completed. Class 1: MB Racing. Class 2: MP M/Sport. Class 3: Perfection Racing. Class 4:

07:27The fire for the Rogue Motorsport is 100% confirmed – just seen photographic evidence

07:26The Rogue Motorsport Toyota may have stopped on fire at Brooklands

07:22MB Racing Aston is in – still not plans to fix the splitter than broke off long, long ago

07:19Looks like the Rogue Motorsport Toyota has stopped out on track somewhere

07:13Lawrence Tomlinson’s best guess is that the latest Safety Car was the stranded APO Clio

07:10Green flag is out and were racing after another short safety car period

07:09The are fuel pump issues for the Racer Industries Holden Astra

07:03And we have the eighth safety car period of the race

07:02The APO Sport Clio has apparently stopped out on track approaching Village.

07:01It’s officially daylight at 7am!!!

06:58News that the #91 Rogue Motorsport BMW is joining the retirement list after churning its way through prop shafts

06:56There’s also been a personal best time for the Piranha/Fauldsport Ginetta and John Coyle’s BMW 1 Series

06:54The Guy Povey BMW has been given a 30 second stop-go penalty for undertaking under safety car

06:53Another personal best fastest lap of the race for the double puncture suffering Perfection Racing Aston Martin

06:48The Perfection Racing Aston sets its quickest lap of the race so far in sixth overall

06:38Green flag and we’re racing again after the Piranha/Fauldsport Ginetta and Guy Povey had to be recovered from separate accidents

06:33MP Motorsport still has the overall lead with Class 4 leader Brunswick in 5th place, ahead of Perfection.

06:319 hours to go, with 357 laps complete. Standings – Class 1: MB Racing. Class 2: MP Motorsport. Class 3: Perfection Racing. Class 4: Brunswick.

06:30No 16 Aston Martin and No 6 Team LNT pit during SC period.

06:27Longest SC periods so far was for Team LNT and TopCats/Mission Motorsport accident.

06:26Yet another Safety Car period, with yellow flags waved on start/finish straight. 7th SC so far.

06:24Neil Garner M/Sport and Team LNT running 2m 09s lap times.

06:22Mission Motorsport in the pits for checks, as car had excursion into the gravel. 5 min unplanned pit stop.

06:19Now Team Manager of Car 86 – Team Toyota GB – asked to go to Race Control.

06:17Team Manager of number 69 again called to Race Control.

05:58Mission Motorsport rejoins the race.

05:56Left rear puncture with Number 60.

05:54Perfection Racing has possible left wheel missing. Rolling slowly down pit lane.

05:48Javier Morcillo getting ready to get into the Neil Garner Motorsport.

05:45Correction – Rogue Motorsport.  Insurance Store  BMW #69 now exiting pit lane after slightly longer pits stop.

05:43Rogoe Motorsport BMW #91 back in the garage.

05:41Insurance Store  BMW #69 now in the pits for scheduled stop.

05:37MB Racing now has Michael Brown behind the wheel after a driver change.

05:32Correction – 14 hours completed.

05:32Overall lead still MP M/Sport by 2 laps.

05:31Standings as of 13hrs and 333 laps. Class 1: MB Racing. Class 2: MP M/Sport. Class 3: Perfection Racing. Class 4: Brunswick.

05:29Piranha/Fauldsport pit after a black and orange flag for the Ginetta G40 – they’ve pulled off what looks like the rear floor before going back out

05:28The Optimum Motorsport Ginetta returns to the race after a lenthy stay in the garage

05:10The BMW is back out, still leading by 3 laps over the MB Aston GT3

05:09The Cor Euser Racing Lotus Evora appears to be another official retirement. No repeat of their third place from last year

05:07It seems to be just a normal brake pad change for the MP crew

05:05The bonnet is up on the BMW – uh oh!

05:03And the Optimum Motorsport car is in the garage with a broken CV joint

05:02The MP Motorsport car pits from the lead

05:00The team manager of the Team LNT Ginetta has been called to race control, whihc may have something to do with the amount of fuel put in the car at the very end of the most recent safety car period


04:58The Topcats Racing squad have called it a day following the damage after the accident with Mission Motorsport

04:53Green flag and we’re racing again, and the Rogue Toyota may have been the cause of the safety car, bot the Chevron

04:49The Corum Sport Chevron might be the cause of the safety car


04:44And the safety car is deployed once more……

04:43The team manger of the Piranha/Fauldsport Ginetta G40 is on his way to race control. I thought we’d got through the sound barrier!

04:36The Perfection Racing Aston is being anything but perfect, sitting the garage while it 14 laps Class lead is whittled down

04:30The #60 Aston Martin – currently running 4th overall – is being pushed back into the garage.

04:24The closest on track battle continues in Class 4, the #88 Rollcenter and #78 Piranha cross the line side-by-side!

04:09The MMC M/Sport car is lapping quickly, posting its fastest lap of the race with a 2.27.335.

04:00The leader is in once again. Mark Poole has finished his stint and he’ll go off for a well earned sleep. Richard Abra enteres the car.

03:58The #51 Optimum  Motorsport car is about to leave the pits after nearly an hour in the garage.

03:56The #88 is in the garage only laps after entering the overall top ten.

03:55Just 16 second separates the class 4 leaders, with the #79 Brunswick Auto BMW leading the #75 Red Camel Seat.

03:50The #88 Rollcentre Racing car enters the top 10 as the #26 Cor Euser Racing car is still in the pitlane.

03:43The #35 Marcos which came into the pits with heavy damage seemingly had a coming together with the #93 Mission M/Sport car.

03:41The #17 Marcos is running at racing speeds – no sign of any problem. Currently running 2nd.

03:39The Topcats Marcos has entered the pit lane with a mangled rear. It was running 3rd in Class 2.

03:36The car is currently limping back to the pits.

03:35Mosler for Neil Garner may have caused the SC. Seems to have gone off. Now Green Flag, with Mosler rejoining at Maggots.

03:34The top five cars were being held at pit exit as the field is under safety car. They now leave the pits as the race goes green!

03:34Half way at Silverstone and 288 laps run, standings. Class 1: MB Racing. Class 2: MP M/Sport. Class 3: Perfection Racing. Class 4: Brunswick.

03:30We are now half way here at Silverstone!

03:29Insurance Store car being pushed into the garage, after checks on right rear of vehicle.

03:28Intersport Racing again goes in to the garage.

03:27MB Racing decided early on to not use front splitter, as too long to repair.

03:26Safety car deployed yet again…..

03:24After 13 Hours: MP Motorsport lead overall (313 laps) MB Racing lead Class 1 in 2nd overall Perfection Racing lead C3, Brunswick lead C4

03:23Holden Astra leaves pit lane after repairs and refuelling.

03:21Holden Astra emerges from the garage, and looks to be fuelled before setting off again.

03:20Cor Euser Racing Lotus now being pushed in the garage with gear change selection problems.

03:17Cor Euser Racing has been in pit lane for several minutes with possible gear issues.

03:15Less than 15 minutes now until the half way point here at Silverstone.

03:15Strata Porsche 996 has broken a rear damper, and a scheduled stop from Misson Motorsport.

03:13Strata 21 Porsche 993 now in the pit lane.

03:11Intersport Racing now in 14th place, due to Optimum still in the garage.

03:10Optimum Motorsports Ginetta still in the garage being worked on.

03:09MMC Motorsport having trouble starting their BMW, but gets away after third time of trying.

03:08Team Toyota GB’s GT86 now entering the pits.

03:06Impressive performance by the Mission Motorsport team, currently in 11th place and 4th in Class 4.

02:55Front right brake issue for the Holden Astra, which had just taken 3rd place in Class 4.

02:51Optimum Motorsport reported as having a diff bush problem. Being worked on presently.

02:47Rogue Motorsport MR2 is facing the wrong way down the pit lane, and is now being pushed in the garage.

02:4545 minutes until half distance here at Silverstone.

02:44MB Racing Aston Martin still losing time due to front splitter issues.

02:42Optimum Motorsport Ginetta back in the garage.

02:37Team LNT Ginetta G55 caught up 2 laps in the last stint.

02:32Corum Sport Chevron being lifted off the flatbed.

02:29It’s only a flat spotted tyre. Back on track.

02:28The #17 Molser is back in the pits… this doesn’t seem like a scheduled pit stop…

02:26The #75 Red Camel leading Class 4 Seat is in the pits.

02:10The Mosler pit stop wasn’t quite as quick as I anticipated. Still in the box undergoing a routine pad change.

02:05Paul White takes to the wheel of the #17 Mosler during its pit stop. They are running in second overall and leading Class 1.

02:01The leader pits. Driver change and a splash of fuel for the #28 MP M/Sport BMW and they’ll be back on track. Mark Poole takes to the wheel.

01:53The Perfection Racing #60 Aston Martin comes into the pits from fourth place overall. It currently leads Class 3.

01:50Into the pits comes the #79 Brunswick Auto BMW, which is leading Class 4.

01:47It becomes the second car to be excluded for this reason after the #76 Synchro M/Sport Honda Jazz.

01:45The #56 Welch M/Sport Seat Leon has been excluded for on noise grounds.

01:42The MB Racing Aston Martin GT3 (Class 1) has overtaken the Perfection Racing Aston Martin GT4 (Class 3) for third overall.


01:33The #16 MB Racing Aston Martin is currently lacking a splitter.  A last lap of 2.22.579 reflects this.

01:30The Team LNT Ginetta is still in the pits and is now 13 laps behind the #28 MP M/Sport BMW which is leading the field.

01:25I must point out that there is a lap difference between the #75 and the #51, but catching is catching…

01:22The Class 4 #75 is lapping very slow at the moment, losing time had over fist with the #51 Optimum M/Sport car catching fast.

01:09The G55 is back and has been wheeled back into the garage

01:06One three-wheeled Ginetta leaves with the Optimum charge, we still await the return of the G55 to the pits

01:04In the media centre we being treated to an onboard of the G55 while on the recovery truck

01:03Green flag is back out we are racing with a new leader in the #28 MP Motorsport BMW

01:00The Chevron – after driveshaft replacement operation – has come back onto the pit apron

00:57#37 – the GT Classics Porsche 993 is also reportedly missing a wheel

00:56And it’s actually a lost right-rear wheel for the Team LNT Ginetta. Very bad few minutes for Ginetta

00:52Bad few minutes for Ginetta, the Optimum Motorsport car being wheeled into the garage on casters after losing a wheel.

00:49The MP Motorsport BMW is inching up towards the lead with the Ginetta still not making anymore laps

00:43The team believe it’s a driveshaft breakage for the Ginetta.

00:41The Intersport BMW has pitted and gone into the garage

00:40The Team LNT Ginetta G55 has stopped at the apex of Stowe

00:38the leading LNT Ginetta has apparently stopped on track – could that be the reason for the safety car??

00:34And we have another safety car period….

00:33Standings after 223 laps and 8 hours. Class 1: Team LNT. Class 2: MP M/sport. Class 3: Perfection Racing. Class 4: Brunswick.

00:31Chevron had an issue with broken driveshaft.  Both being replaced as precaution.

00:26SC being deployed earlier was due to the Corum Sport Chevron number 52 hitting the barrier at Luffield.

00:25Team Toyota GB GT86 in the pits for scheduled stop.

00:16Team LNT in for scheduled stop. Kimber-Smith out, Dean in.

00:05Insurance Store  #69 BMW team manager again called to Race Control.

00:03Green Flag is out, and racing resumes. Still awaiting confirmation on SC being deployed.

00:01Team LNT leads overall with 211 laps, 6 laps ahead of MP Motorsport.

00:00Flurry of pitstops happening during SC period.

23:59SC possibly due to car going off at Brooklands. Awaiting confirmation.

23:56Cor Euser Racing Lotus now prepping for scheduled pitstop.

23:54Safety Car out again.

23:51Intersport Racing is being looked at by an official in pit lane.

23:44Correction – Number 69 has been given an 90 seconds stop and go penalty.

23:43Number 69 BMW 120d has been given a 60 secs Stop and GO Penalty.

23:41Number 76 Synchro Honda Jazz has been excluded for repeatedly breaking noise level regulation

23:39Intersport Racing back in after a left front puncture.

23:37Cor Euser Racings Lotus and John Coyles BMW 1 Series likely to be next to be given noise ASBOs

23:31The Mosler is in with alternator issues as the green flag flies once more after the yellow flag for debris at Club

23:24The TGM Sport Honda Civic has dropped down the order with a broken hub, theyre now 20th

23:22And we have a safety car out for the second time in the race.

23:20Now its the Moslers turn to have headlight problems with them flashing permanently for Adam Sharpe

23:16Ivo Breukers takes the Class Four lead in the Red diesel SEAT

23:13The MB Racing Aston Martin has pitted with a loose undertray and front splitter – not their first front damage related stop after they lost a tyre earlier

23:11Piranha/Fauldsport have gone back out, hopefully with noise issue cured

23:10Team LNT are in the pits now, and back out without issue

23:08MP Motorsport win the battle of the pit crews to keep second overall as the Mosler crew have some problems closing the doors

23:05In fact the MP Motorsport car is in the pits at the same time

23:04And Javier Morcillo takes second place, but promptly pits for Adam Sharpe to take over the #17

23:02The gap between the MP BMW in second and the Neil Garner Mosler is just 10 seconds

23:00The Carvell Motorsport Jaguar is back out. The team have replaced the gearbox, replacing a new unit with the box they used for the Nurburgring 24 in May

22:56And Piranha Motorsport are also black flagged for noise reasons from second place in Class Four

22:53The Corum Sport Chevron is pinged again for excessive noise….

22:51The Neil Garner Motorsport Mosler is on the same lap as the MP BMW and (like you’d expect) far quicker. Second place is probably about 6 laps away for them

22:4993 minutes to change the engine in the Marcos.

22:45Engine fired in the Topcats Racing Marcos Mantis! About 2 Hours to make the change

22:40The Danish Perfection Racing team have taken the Class Three lead with the noise problems for the Chevron

22:39They are seventh in Class Four and 15th overall

22:38The Racer Industries Holden Astra – still on the long comback trail sets its best lap of the race at 2:24.093

22:36Wahey, the start of the eighth hour – and the start of part two of our live coverage of the 2012 Britcar 24!