Tech 3 Riders Looking Forward To Dry Saturday

Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso have both said that their weekend effectively starts tomorrow after neither completed a lap on Friday at Misano. Crutchlow never exited the garage at all with rain making it impossible to learn anything on the greasy track and the Briton felt sorry for the spectators who missed so much on-track action.

“Today turned out to be quite strange because in both sessions I just sat in the garage waiting for the track conditions to improve. It is disappointing for everybody concerned and I feel sorry for the fans here and the people watching on TV at home. When the track is damp like that it is very hard to learn anything, so I didn’t even put my helmet on. It looks like the weather will improve for the rest of the weekend and I am looking forward to getting down to business tomorrow morning. I gained a lot of confidence with my first podium in Brno recently and I can’t wait to be back on my Monster Yamaha Tech 3 YZR-M1.”

Dovizioso did take his Tech 3 Yamaha out for an exploration lap but didn’t feel the low-grip surface was worth risking himself or his bike on.

“Today was quite frustrating because the track conditions made it impossible to learn anything. It is never good to lose a whole day on track but on a slow track like this it can be worse because it can take a while to find your rhythm. I went out to try and gauge the conditions but the track was very slippery and it made no sense to push because you risk crashing, so I immediately came back to the pits. Hopefully the weather will be better for the rest of the weekend and we can put on a good show for the fans, who unfortunately didn’t get to see much action today.”