Drayson Racing Technologies Looking To Get B12/69EV On Track Again Soon

In January of this year at the Autosport International Show Lord Drayson unveiled his electric-powered prototype racing car, the B12/69EV, nine months on we take a look with Drayson Racing Technologies to see how the development is progressing.

Sunday 1 July was a milestone for the B12/69EV; Lord Drayson took the Lola chassised EV on the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb ad on his second run set a time good enough for eleventh overall and fastest electric car.

Since Goodwood the car has undergone further dyno testing along with ongoing rig and systems testing at Drayston Racing Technologies with the plan to run it on track again in the near future.

The car in its current specification is built for performance in a world that electric vehicles look to shake off their boring image. DRT admit that I would be able to ‘cover 10s of km on a single charge but not at full power’.

As battery technology continues to develop the team admits that it’s not going to be an overnight change, they are confident however that the continued development in all areas of the drivetrain along with battery technology development will reap rewards.

The short-term plan is to use the car to showcase the potential of EV racing along with the cutting-edge technology of the companies’ partners.

Looking at the bigger picture; the development continues and provides a testbed to improve the performance and efficiency of the vehicle while aiding the development of the technologies involved in the project.