Austin: Wix Support Will Let Us Compete Properly

by Scott Mitchell

Rob Austin believes the continued support of Wix Racing Filters – the title sponsors of his Rob Austin Racing  team – will allow him and newly-confirmed driver Will Bratt to compete for wins in the 2013 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship.

Speaking to at the Autosport International Show, Austin said the budget, though not huge, would provide testing opportunities and financial assurance the team has sorely missed in previous campaigns.

The team boss said: “Having Wix on board is a big step forward for us. It gives us financial stability to concentrate on the job in hand – go testing, develop the car in the way we have always wanted to but never been able to afford.”

Of Bratt, he added: “Having Will on board will allow us to develop the set-up twice as fast. A second driver in the BTCC is crucial with such limited testing.”

Bratt added: “It’s something I was aiming for at the end of last season. For it to all come together means we can start the season properly with some testing, having two drivers in two cars is great.”

VIDEO: Watch Austin and Bratt talk testing, finances and the BTCC learning curve below:

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