Live: British GT Snetterton – Race Two

Avon Tyres British GT Championship (Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

This live blog will be updated during the second 60 minute race for the Avon Tyres British GT Championship at Snetterton.

16:44That concludes out second live blog coverage of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship races at Snetterton. Full report online soon. #BritishGT

16:42Rick Parfitt Jr. takes the GT4 having gone from 3rd to 1st in the closing laps. APO Sport and Redgate/Lifetime Racing complete the class podium #BritishGT

16:41David Ashburn holds on to win by 0.454 seconds over Steve Tandy. Mark Patterson completes the podium for United Autosports ahead of Lee Mowle. The top 4 split by just 1.829s #BritishGT

16:38The top four are – Lee Mowle making it four for the lead – are split by just 1.8 as they start the final lap #BritishGT

16:37Ashburn, Tand and Patterson – top three just 1.1 apart with 3 mins to go #BritishGT

16:36Parfitt Jr is on James May’s tail in GT4 and should be able to take the lead #BritishGT

16:34The overall lead is just a a second, but Patterson is only 0.4 behind Tandy – more grandstand finish!

16:34May has got by, and Smith has also lost to Rick Parfitt Jr and fallen to 3rd #BritishGT

16:338 minutes to go – Steve Tandy is just 1.8 in arrears to Ashburn – grandstand finish #BritishGT

16:32My mistake – it’s James May doing the chasing in GT4 #BritishGT

16:3110 minutes to go – the overall lead is 3.7 seconds, the gap in GT4 is only 2.5 with Alex Osborne taking chuncks of time from leader Matt Smith #BritishGT

16:29The lead is now just 3.7 seconds as Tandy is closing in and dropping Patterson at the same time #BritishGT

16:27Ashburn has started losing ground – two slow laps in succession and Tandy is now ‘just’ 4.1 seconds adrift #BritishGT

16:25Crached exhaust the acsue of Fisken’s retirement #BritishGT

16:24Gregor Fisken has retired the #32 Trackspeed car – another pointless weekend for the ‘Tartan Terror’ #BritishGT

16:22Ashburn’s lead is 7.5 seconds, with Steve Tandy setting almost identical laptimes in 2nd place. Patterson in third looks quicker than both #BritishGT

16:17David Ashburn leads the #888 BMW of Steve Tandy, Mark patterson has got back to third in the United Autosports Audi #BritishGT

16:15Tandy is the first one out of the pitlane – the UA Audi stops momentarily at the end of pitlane, allowing both 888Optimum BMWs through #BritishGT

16:14Tom Sharp has spun into the barriers at Corum #BritishGT

16:14In they come – Tandy leads them in #BritishGT

16:13Stephen Jelley, Warren Hughes and – from further down the order – Olly Bryant all pit together. The top 9 will all have to stop this lap #BritishGT

16:11John Gaw pits from seventh place to hand over to Phil Dryburgh #BritishGT

16:10Past half way – still waiting for the vast majority of pitstops #BritishGT

16:09Zoe Wenham returns the only slightly second hand looking car to the track – nothing too serious to the look of the front bumper #BritishGT

16:07Declan Jones pits the Century Motorsport GT4 leading Ginetta with front end damage #BritishGT

16:07Answer – race one winner Michael Caine is the first in – they’ll have additional time to spend in the pits #BritishGT

16:05Pit window open – who will be the first in? #BritishGT

16:05lap 13 – Tandy’s lead is 3.8 seconds, nearly another 2 from Osborne back to Bell #BritishGT

16:01Joe Osborne increasingly falling away from Tandy towards Matt bell and Dan Brown in 3rd and 4th

15:57Tandy takes the lead – cleanly this time – at Agostini #BritishGT

15:56Richard Abra has retired the Barwell Motorsport Aston with a power steering fluid leak #BritishGT

15:54Phil Keen has spun the #33 Trackspeed Porsche – I sense there may have been contact with Michael Caine – maybe #BritishGT

15:53Joe Osborne spins at the Esses – seemingly off the bumper of Tandy, Tandy takes the lead but lets Osborne back by at the start of the following lap #BritishGT

15:52Tandy has the lead down to less than a second with another lap record extending fastest lap #BritishGT

15:50Tandy has the lead down to 1.6 seconds as he sets the new lap record #BritishGT

15:5010 mins in – Osborne leads a charging Tandy, Jelley, Bell, Dan Brown, Rob Barff, Michael Caine, Jonny Adam and John Gaw #BritishGT

15:48Glynn Geddie pits HIS  United Autosports McLaren with a right-front puncture – bad start for UA #BritishGT

15:47Tamdy up top second, now to chase down a rapid Joe Osborne who’s just improved his own lap record #BritishGT

15:46TAndy has passed Bell for third and is now chasing down Trackspeed teammate Jelley #BritishGT

15:45Alvaro Parente has pitted and continued after a puncture on the #23 United Autosports McLaren #BritishGT

15:43Declan Jones has taken the lead in GT4 from poleman Dan Eagling #BritishGT

15:42end on lap 1 it’s Osborne, Jelley, Matt Bell, Nick Tandy and Dan Brown the top five #BritishGT

15:41And they’re racing – Joe Osborne passes Stephen Jelley for the lead in the opening corners #BritishGT

15:36And the cars are away on their formation lap – we’ll be racing next time by!! BritishGT

15:31Delayed again the the #BritishGT grid is back on on track for the second of the races at Snetterton