Live: British GT Brands Hatch

Avon Tyres British GT Championship (Credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography)

This live blog will be updated during the two hour Avon Tyres British GT Championship race on the Brands Hatch Grand Prix track.

15:44Jonny Adam wins. Duncan Tappy takes a deserved second ahead of Olly Bryant and Dan Brown. Benji Hetherington completes the top five for Fortec Motorsports

15:42Adam crosses the line to start the final lap, Tappy leads three cars as one in the fight for second place

15:40Jonny Adam starts what should be the penultimate lap – still 10 seconds in the lead

15:39More problems for Phil Keen – into the pits he comes to lose tenth place once more

15:38Duncan Tappy is STILL in second place despite being hounded for nearly his entire stint in the Von Ryan McLaren

15:37Ryan Ratcliffe has reponded to the APO Sport gains – a few quicker laps have added another few seconds to his lead in GT4

15:32Dan Brown makes a mistake at Graham Hill Bend and falls back to fourth behind Olly Bryant and a lapped Warren Hughes

15:31The APO Sport team are roaring Alex Osborne on – he’s got the GT4 lead down to just 16 seconds

15:30Phil Keen pits from tenth – bodywork damage their latest problem  – they have slipped to 11th, but probably only momentarily

15:2615 minutes to go – Adam leads, but the interest is over the melee for seconds which could become a five-way fight behind Duncan Tappy

15:21Abra’s off has promoted Phil Keen back into the top ten

15:18Richard Abra has tangled with the Complete Racing Aston Martin at Clearways – Abra will fall out of the top ten

15:15Dan Eagling has moved into 3rd in the Redgate/Lifetime Ginetta – but he’s 90 seconds behind Ryan Ratcliffe in the class lead

15:1430 minutes to go – Adam’s lead is 15 seconds over the three way battle for second, Hetherington, Matt Bell, Richard Abra, Michale Caine, John Gaw and Aaron Scott fill the top ten

15:11While Keen’s stop Benji Hetherington has moved up fifth, but his 6 seconds behind the 3 car battle for second still headed by Duncan Tappy

15:08Phil Keen pits with a puncture – another bad day for Trackspeed with Stephen Jelley having already retired the #32 car

15:05Tappy continuing to defend his second place successfully, allowing Adam’s lead to balloon out to 12 seconds

15:02Dan Brown now up to third, squeezing into the gap between Bryant and Tappy – can he find a way past the McLaren?

14:574th place Dan Brown edging closer to the Tappy/Bryant battle for second – just 9.3s down on the leader

14:56Adam’s lead up to six seconds – best fight on track is for 5th-8th with Phil Keen, Benji Hetherington, Michael Caine and Richard Abra

14:52No penalty to come for the Beechdean Aston, who now leads by 4.7 seconds from a Duncan Tappy occupied by by Olly Bryant in his mirrors

14:48All pitstops complete Adam leads Tappy by 3.475. Olly Bryant holds third for Ecurie Ecosse with Dan Brown 4th and Michael Caine 5th

14:46Amid the breathlessness Optimum Motorsport still lead GT4 by 25 seconds over Alex Osborne in the APO Sport entry

14:45Now Johnson pits and gives the lead to Beechdean and Jonny Adam, but now their team manager is being called to the stewards

14:43Poole and Firth pit on the hour mark – Ron Johnson takes the lead in the Barwell/Ecurie Ecosse BMW

14:41Poole, Firth and Johnson still to pit. Jonny Adam the best of the stoppers ahead of Duncan Tappy in the Demoustier started McLaren

14:40David Ashburn has come in (again) with more success this time. Their team manager has also been called to race control for a conversation that will start ‘explain’.

14:39Now Demoustier pits and Mark Poole takes the lead

14:38Gregor Fisken pits having inherited fifth – the top four – Demoustier, Poole, Jody Firth and Ron Johnson have yet to pit

14:37We’ll find out the order eventually – once the pitstops have shuffled out

14:36Erm…. David Ashburn has stopped at the wrong pit and has blocked several teams – including Andrew Howard’s Beechdean Aston

14:34Marco Attard is the next man in from fourth place, David Ashburn also in with Nick Tandy waiting to take over

14:33Steve Tandy is the first man in to hand over to pole winner Dan Brown in the #888 BMW Z4

14:32Zak Brown has had an off in the #23 United Autosports McLaren at Hawthorn just as the pit window opens

14:31Demoustier leads and Poole takes second at Clearways

14:30There are more problems for Colin White – a puncture pulls the #40 Ginetta into the pits

14:29Demoustier is all over Howard and Mark Poole is up to third in the Barwell Aston Martin

14:26Well, he cuts it to 1.7 straight away – can he lead before the start of the pitstops in five minutes’ time

14:25Demoustier takes second at Surtees – what can he do about the 2.5 second gap to Howard in the leading Aston Martin?

14:23Demoustier now third at the expense of Attard 1 hour, 19 mins to go still

14:22Gregoire Demoustier up to fourth in the Von Ryan McLaren – Tandy, Attard he and Poole all nose to tail for 2nd back

14:19Cursed again! White understeers off at Surtees and falls to sixth place – Howard leads again in Beechdean Aston

14:18Duncan Cameron getting called to the pits for repairs to a lose undertray – damage from the contact at Druids

14:17A Ginetta leads the race overall. THIS IS NOT A TYPO

14:17Colin White leads!! He passes Andrew Howard around the outside at Westfield!!

14:13But now Colin White takes second from Tandy!!

14:1330 minutes and 20 laps in Andrew Howard leads Steve Tandy, Colin White, Marco Attard and Mark Poole in the top five

14:12More contact! Duncan Cameron is spun at Druids, and the AF Corse driver drop to 10th

14:10Mark Poole tips Jon Minshaw into a spin at Druids fighting over fifth – penalty?

14:08Colin White – a big beneficiary from the incident and accident in the top ten has taken third place from Marco Attard

14:07In all the chaos David Jones has been given a drive through, but for contact with the now retired #41 MTECH Ferrari

14:07Zoe Wenham has spun out of the race into the Clearways gravel – no points today for Century Motorsport in the GT4 class

14:03Meanwhile – in a separate accident Gary Eastwood has gone off at Hawthorns, Lee Mowle has dropped to 19th – contact?

14:02Mike Simpson reports he hit a door at Hawthorns which has smashed the windscreen and radiator on the #16 G55

14:02Cursed!! Mike Simpson comes into the pits and Gary Eastwood passes Jon Minshaw for fifth place

14:00Speaking of which – Simpson passes Lee Mowle for 4th at Surtees

13:59David Ashburn has now slid back to 10th – Colin White in the IDL/CWS Ginetta 8th – good race so far for the G55s

13:58Mike Simpson makes another place – up 5th by passing Minshaw exiting Paddock Hill Bend

13:56The leaders have spread out. Howard leads Tandy by 0.8, but it’s another 1.8 back to Marco Attard in the 3rd placed Ecurie Ecosse BMW

13:53Ashburn has dropped from sixth to eighth – the championship leader now behind both Simpson and Eastwood

13:52Rick Parfitt Jnr leads GT4 for Optimum Motorsport by over 3 seconds from the APO Sport Ginetta

13:51David Jones is under investigation –  the suggestion is he spun Fisken earlier

13:50A lap later and Simpson is by Eastwood’s Ferrari – up to seventh. However, the Ginetta will have to a serve a longer pitstop than anyone else in the race.

13:49Gary Eastwood and Mike Simpson pass Mark Poole for 7th and 8th – Simpson is the only ‘pro’ driver starting the race in the Team LNT Ginetta

13:48It’s a six train for the lead, Trackspeed men David Ashburn and Jon Minshaw chasing down the Astons and Beamers ahead

13:46Phil Dryburgh has spun (presumably) from the third down to 20th on lap two, lap three and Gregor Fisken rotates at Graham Hill Bend

13:45Early problems for Rembert Berg in the WRT Audi and Derek Johnston in the MTECH Ferrari

13:44Howard leads the first lap from poleman Tandy, Phil Dryburgh. Marco Attard and Lee Mowle – Aston, BMW, Aston, BMW , BMW

13:43Steve Tandy leads the pack to the line and lead the first two corners before Andrew Howard takes the Beechdean Aston to the lead at Graham Hill Bend

13:39Cars away on their green flag lap – 120 minutes of racing starts next time past the pits

13:36The front row of the grid has been left vacant in memory of Allan Simonsen – an Aston fittingly sits on the front row

13:28The cars are out from the pitlane, ready to form up for the highlight of the Brands Hatch weekend – two hour of #BritishGT racing.