Vintage Sports Car Club Returns To Snetterton

Snetterton will be transported back to a bygone era on September 29 when the Vintage Sports Car Club return for its second annual Vintage Sports Car Festival.

A huge entry of 180 cars participated at the 2012 Festival on the 200 circuit, with the long straights and sweeping bends bringing the best out of the antique machinery. This year’s event will host the club’s season finale and the prestigious Richard Seaman Memorial Trophies meeting, incorporating the Vintage Seaman Trophy for pre-1931 vintage racing cars and the Historic Seaman Trophy race for pre-1941 racing cars, joining a grid of pre-1961 machines.

The Donington Mug and Redgate Mug will also be available for the pre-war era machines, with the club’s Spero (up to 1100cc) and Voiturette (up to 750cc) Trophies for smaller cars from that era.

As well as pre-war races, the immediate post-war will also be represented in the form of 1950s sports racing cars and 500cc F3, a category that saw the rise of many British legends, including Sir Stirling Moss and the legendary Cooper constructor.

Off-track displays will complete the event, with an open paddock, car displays and a display commemorating Snetterton’s wartime role helping to add to the atmosphere and give the weekend a period feel.