Ginetta Launch 2015 Junior Scholarship Contest

by Simon Paice

This year’s annual Ginetta Junior Scholarship competition will take place at Bedford Autodrome on Monday 27th – Wednesday 29th October, with one teenager to win a fully funded season in the 2015 Ginetta Junior Championship worth £60,000.

An increased capacity for this year will see up to eighty entrants take part across the three day event. After participating in motorsport master classes and sessions on a driving simulator, each competitor will be assessed during one of two qualification days.

Those days will see the budding young racers scored on their driving ability, as well as their fitness and media skills. The top fifteen drivers from each day will then be invited to the final round on the 29th October.

That will feature more in-depth driving asessments and a formal interview with Ginetta’s commercial team, with the successful winner to follow in the footsteps of former winners including British GT4 race-winner Oliver Basey-Fisher and 2012 Juniors vice-champion Sennan Fielding.

“Being a racing driver is not always about how fast you can go around a circuit; we look particularly for a driver who is able to listen to instruction and improve throughout their time with us, as well as represent the brand in a positive way,” said Ginetta championships manager Ashley Gallagher.

“The Ginetta Junior Scholarship will be awarded to the driver who shines in the eyes of Ginetta, not only by offering ‘the overall racing package’ of speed, an ability to learn, professionalism, fitness and team work, but also as a marketable individual who will run well in our sponsorship-backed G40.”

To be eligible, entrants’ date of birth must be between 01.01.1999 and 21.03.2001 and they must not have previously competed in a circuit car race.

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