Rallye de France searching for new location as Alsace region support withdrawn

by Vince Pettit

The Rallye de France will be looking for a new location to run this year after it was announced that some Alsace local authorities had withdrawn their support.

During its meeting on 20 January 2015 in Paris, the French Motor Sports Federation‘s Executive Committee revealed that to host an FIA World Rally Championship round there were three prerequisites:

– The financial participation of the territorial authorities
– The support of private partners
– The right sporting promotional and popular dimensions linked to hosting such an event on French territory.

With the first condition no longer met by Alsatian territorial authorities the FFSA has no choice but to find a new venue to host the rally, despite almost 400,000 visitors attending the Rally France-Alsace, which generated an average of over €20m for the surrounding territory.

Rallye De France has been held in the Alsace region since 2010 when it moved from the island of Corsica, where it is rumoured to be heading back to.

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