Ticktum Dominates Qualifying in Donington

Dan Ticktum left his qualifying run late, but did so in enough time to take pole for the first and the the third race around the Donington National Circuit.

Petru Florescu knew his weekend would be troubled. He’d had to replace his engine after a failure in the Thruxton test. This meant that he had a 10 place grid penalty for wherever he qualified. With this in mind he attempted to get up to speed quickly and was the first to set a competitive time of 1:13.470.

However; the times tumbled constantly for the first 10 minutes of the session. With Florescu’s time getting beaten by first, Sandy Mitchell on a 1:11.883, then Matheus Leist on a 1:10.404, before Lando Norris broke into the 1 minute 9 second mark.

Norris would beat his time at the top as many challenged him but could not get close enough. So with 12 minutes to go, Norris lead from Leist, Rafael Martins, Daniel Baybutt and Mitchell.

However; the man to break Norris’ grip on pole was Round 2 winner, Ricky Collard, as Ticktum made his move up to 2nd. Norris responded by setting a lap time in the 1 minute 7 second range. Meanwhile Martins found himself pushing too hard and was given a warning for track limits.

There were problems for some competitors including Ollie Pidgley who is competing in his first weekend for Richardson Racing. The car had throttle problems leaving the driver 21st as he could complete no more laps.

After a strong start there were off’s for Florescu, meaning he qualified 12th and will start at the back after his penalty. As well for the other rookie; Ameya Vaidyanathan, however, he impressed on his debut going 13th.

Sennan Fielding was unable to complete the end of the session as he was called into Parc fermé as Ticktum proceeded to go faster and take pole in both qualifying grids.

So in race 1, Ticktum is on Pole from Norris, James Pull, Gustavo Myasava, Mitchell and Martins. While in race 3, the top 6 are the same.

MSA Formula Donington Park Race 1 Qualifying Result

127Daniel TicktumGBRFortec Motorsports1m07.668s
231Lando NorrisGBRCarlin1m07.829s
315James PullGBRJTR1m07.904s
417Gustavo MyasavaBRZDouble R Racing1m08.005s
519Sandy MitchellGBRArden1m08.141s
646Rafael MartinsBRZSWB Motorsport1m08.142s
714Daniel BaybuttGBRJTR1m08.219s
811Ricky CollardGBRArden1m08.252s
928Sennan FieldingGBRJHR Developments1m08.329s
104Jack BarlowGBRMBM1m08.336s
1110Colton HertaUSACarlin1m08.365s
1221Petru FlorescuROMCarlin1m08.370s
1322Tarun ReddyINDDouble R Racing1m08.488s
1459Josh SmithGBRFortec Motorsports1m08.593s
1525Louise RichardsonGBRRichardson Racing1m08.768s
1651Ameya VaidyanathanINDJTR1m08.864s
1765Enaam AhmedGBRArden1m08.912s
1818Matheus LeistBRZDouble R Racing1m09.062s
198Darius KarbaleyGBRFalcon Motorsport1m09.685s
2096Jack ButelGBRSWB Motorsport1m10.252s
2123Ollie PidgleyGBRRichardson Racing1m10.693s

MSA Formula Donington Park Race 3 Qualifying Result

127Daniel TicktumGBRFortec Motorsports1m07.741s
231Lando NorrisGBRCarlin1m07.831s
315James PullGBRJTR1m08.035s
417Gustavo MyasavaBRZDouble R Racing1m08.162s
519Sandy MitchellGBRArden1m08.197s
646Rafael MartinsBRZSWB Motorsport1m08.293s
711Ricky CollardGBRArden1m08.303s
810Colton HertaUSACarlin1m08.397s
921Petru FlorescuROMCarlin1m08.400s
104Jack BarlowGBRMBM1m08.405s
1128Sennan FieldingGBRJHR Developments1m08.435s
1214Daniel BaybuttGBRJTR1m08.554s
1322Tarun ReddyINDDouble R Racing1m08.646s
1425Louise RichardsonGBRRichardson Racing1m08.858s
1559Josh SmithGBRFortec Motorsports1m08.922s
1665Enaam AhmedGBRArden1m08.985s
1718Matheus LeistBRZDouble R Racing1m09.096s
1851Ameya VaidyanathanINDJTR1m09.331s
198Darius KarbaleyGBRFalcon Motorsport1m09.876s
2096Jack ButelGBRSWB Motorsport1m10.350s
2123Ollie PidgleyGBRRichardson Racing1m11.213s