Maximilian Günther: “I’ve never known such a mess”

by Paul Hensby

Maximilian Günther bemoaned the driving standards of the drivers around him at Monza after being eliminated twice in the opening two races in incidents through no fault of his own.

The young German driver, driving for Mücke Motorsport was frustrated to leave Monza with just half a point for finishing tenth in race three after the race was halted early by the stewards following further issues with driving standards, despite drivers being warned after race two that they needed to behave on track.

“[It was] incredible, I’ve never known such a mess,” said Günther. “Thirteen drivers retired just in the first race, and I was one of them, unfortunately, after being catapulted off track.

“I was in eighth position in the second race when another car drove into my side, wrecking my suspension. Some of my opponents went completely over the top, and it was with good reason that race stewards decided to abandon the second and third races.

“The drivers occupying the top places are experienced and treat each other more fairly, but if you have to start as one of the bunch in the mid field, then the risk of a collision is multiplied enormously, and that, unfortunately, is what I experienced in Monza.

“Perhaps with a better grid position [I would have avoided the chaos]. You need a bit of luck in the quali in Monza. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the slipstream effect that you need down the long straights, so I lost time.”

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