Marvin Dienst Collects Fourth win in Five races from Eriksson

Marvin Dienst takes his fourth win in five races, after the start was delayed because of incident in the Formel Masters race previously, which saw the outside kerb at turn 5 damaged. After some debate, the race was eventually started with little repair made.

Dienst had started from pole and had a poor getaway. Just like in race one, he lost out to Eriksson at the start and battled to stay in second.

The start was marked by a crash between some of the front runners. Going into turn two, Janneau Esmeijer got on the kerb and lost grip in the rear tyres. He did well to stop his car spinning, but instead slid into the side of the Marek Bockmann who had pushed him off line originally.

The two cars slid into the tyre barrier with Bockmann also taking out Mick Schumacher who was on the outside of the duo. All three cars had to retire, as the race was red flagged to fix the damage to the barrier.

After the extended red flag period, Eriksson prepared to lead the field away from Joey Mawson who was now second having taken Dienst at the start. The field spent one lap behind the safety car before the race was properly restarted, with 18 minutes left on the clock.

Eriksson kept the lead for the start, holding off Dienst who’d become more competitive now a win was in sight. The Motopark car was slow on the straight leading to the first corner and after a few attempts, Dienst got the switchback into turn two allowing him to drive past and away from his rival.

Mawson would catch up to Eriksson after he fell back in the later stage of the race, his vehicle clearly not up to the speed of Dienst’s HTP Junior Team car.

Behind the top three, local driver Kim-Luis Schramm managed to hold on to his fourth place this time after he fell back in race one. However; he came out on top after a close battle with his team mate and David Beckmann behind. With the rest of the top eight also similar to how they’d qualified on the grid.

Beckmann finished as top rookie in fifth having held off Tim Zimmermann in the early stages of the race. While Robert Shwartzmann made a good start to take Jason Kremer and claim seventh. While Kremer would settle for eighth, his best finish of the season.