Dan Ticktum Disqualified from Silverstone Weekend

After an investigation from the governing body of MSA Formula, title contender Dan Ticktum has been excluded from all three races from last weekend’s Silverstone round. This marks the driver’s second triple exclusion of the year and puts him out of the title fight.

The disqualification comes as a result of Ticktum overtaking under safety car and causing a collision with another car in the final race of the day.

On the first lap, Ticktum had been hit by Ricky Collard going into Brooklands, spinning the Fortec Motorsport driver onto the grass. It’s suspected, but not been confirmed, that the rookie then caught up and collided with Collard under safety car conditions before retiring.

Ticktum was seen walking off during the safety car period, climbing a fence away from the media. The incident has been referred to MSA officials for further discussion and extended punishment has not been ruled out.

He will receive 6 penalty points on his licence, but he wasn’t the only driver to get repremanded during the frantic final race.

Toby Sowery has been handed 3 penalty points for colliding with race leader Lando Norris while under safety car. Sowery would go on to retire, while Norris finished tenth.

Furthermore, James Pull has been given two penalty points for his collision with Daniel Baybutt during the race.

The result puts Ticktum out of championship contention and as a result he now lies sixth in the standings behind the eventually race winner, Matheus Leist. At the front meanwhile, Norris now extends his lead at the top to 13 points with one weekend to go.

  • Lionel Puddle

    I wAs sat right At brook lands when this happened.

  • The Checkered Flag

    What did you see?

  • Lionel Puddle

    When the safety car bunched the pack up Ticktum drove around the out side of brooklands then cut across an other driver and rammed Collard.

  • dolphiniow

    OllieMillroy fully agree

  • bardy66

    kilo1nine I was horrified to see how many Ginetta juniors were overtaking under yellows during one of their races..

  • BrabhamBT52B

    Ticktum’s move was terrible, the risk with marshalls working on 2 cars right by his stupid move. Ok he can be naffed off with Collard taking him out at Brooklands, but he had a whole lap to calm himself down and didn’t. Up to that move I liked the guy and hoped he’d win the championship, but now you have to question where he can go in racing.

    Surprised not to see Collard getting a penalty for ignoring the black flag for multiple laps.

  • Matthew_Needham

    TheCheckerFlag Re1axinmood

  • Re1axinmood

    Matthew_Needham TheCheckerFlag I meant Ginetta Jnr was worse and no-one excluded.

  • Re1axinmood

    Matthew_Needham TheCheckerFlag things have to be tighten up. A lot of ignoring waved yellows too in ALL races.

  • Carole Brackley

    watched his unusual departure from the pit lane via the fence from the pit wall…….