Romain Grosjean: “The E23 seems to go well everywhere”

Romain Grosjean is confident his Lotus F1 Team can have a good race around the streets of Singapore this weekend, and has already put behind him the disappointment of his early retirement in Italy two weeks ago.

The Frenchman knows the Singapore weekend will be very busy for the drivers, with lots of corners, but feels driving the track is a ‘fantastic sight’ from inside the cockpit.

“The track is really impressive with some technical parts and some classic street circuit ‘ninety degree’ turns,” said Grosjean. “There are a few decent straights but it is mainly busy, busy, busy for us, with corner after corner.

“Going over landmarks like the (Anderson) Bridge and down the Raffles Boulevard make for a fantastic sight from both the cockpit and also for the TV viewers.”

Grosjean admitted a ‘rubbish’ way of making sure he gets the sleep he needs during the Singapore weekend, especially with the disjointed sleeping pattern when Formula 1 remains on European time, and also knows remaining hydrated in the humidity is key.

“The key elements are sleep and hydration,” said Grosjean. “It’s a humid heat so you sweat a lot – even walking into the track. Keeping hydrated is very important.

“It’s a race where we run unusual timings relative to the local day. Once you get used to waking up in the afternoon and then going to bed early morning, then it gets to be just routine.

“It’s no secret that I love my sleep so one of the most important aspects of preparation for me is ensuring that my room stays dark in the morning when we’re still sleeping due to the timings we run.

“I hope the hotel has good blackout curtains! If it doesn’t then it’s not unknown for me to tape black rubbish bags to the windows to keep the light out and guarantee my sleep!”

Grosjean feels the E23 Hybrid is a car that seems to work well on every circuit, and despite the team not upgrading the car as much as other teams do, Grosjean is positive good results can come in the forthcoming races.

“This year will be interesting with the E23 as it is a car that does inspire confidence, and confidence is king when you’re on a street course,” revealed Grosjean. “The biggest challenge will be if it’s wet at any time – then we really have to work hard!

“Even though we haven’t been able to throw upgrades at the car like other teams can do, the E23 is a pretty balanced car in its qualities; it seems to go well everywhere. This means we go in with the opportunity of scoring points at tracks with very different characteristics.

“Every time I get in the car I think ‘let’s see what she can do’, so I’m positive heading to Singapore, Suzuka and all the rest of the circuits ahead.”