Buhl Sport joins GRC Lites Field for Vegas

by Dominik Wilde

Buhl Sport Detroit, a new team from Michigan, will join the Red Bull Global Rallycross Lites field for the season finale in Las Vegas next month.

The team is the work of brothers Robbie and Tom Buhl. Robbie is a racing driver and former IndyCar team manager while Tom is a financial management executive with previous motorsport experience.

The team aims to promote the benefits of living and working in Detroit, a city going through a renaissance, by encouraging community interaction and involvement.

“We formed Buhl Sport Detroit to put a brand on the sports and entertainment projects that we have in the works,” said Robbie Buhl. “The idea to base a motorsports team and sports marketing group in downtown Detroit is new to the racing industry, but makes perfect sense for us.”

“We have worked together with everything from Robbie’s racing to client entertainment projects for the past 30 years,” said Tom Buhl. “We finally decided to combine our business strengths and formalize the sports and entertainment aspect of the business, brand it and put some projects in motion. The GRC team is a great beginning with other exciting news yet to come.”

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