Ricciardo wants VSC talks after COTA confusion

Daniel Ricciardo wants the rules of the Virtual Safety Car (VSC) to be discussed after confusion during the United States Grand Prix on Sunday saw him passed by Nico Rosberg just as the VSC was withdrawn.

The Infiniti Red Bull Racing driver was running third on the road when the VSC was first used, but the Australian was not warned that it was set to be withdrawn, and he is unsure to whether or not Rosberg was in the right or not to make the move.

“VSC, you should keep the gap, and Rosberg wasn’t right up our arse, he was a few seconds behind,” said Ricciardo. “So then when I saw him already close on us under virtual safety car, I was thinking, ‘surely he’ll back off again’.

“Then he passed me, and then it was green flag apparently. I don’t know what happened there. I was following suit, basically.

“I think we’re going to talk about the virtual safety car in general because it wasn’t clear when it was green. You drive around, you follow this time, and then you actually have to look for the boards.

“It was a bit confusing, I don’t know why. On Sunday it was more confusing than it has been in previous races. Normally we get a message, I thought, saying ‘VSC ending’ and a 10-second warning. But there was no warning at all.

“I don’t know if Rosberg just caught all of us out, but I was more confused how he was so close to us.”