Four Car Teams for GP3 From 2016

by Chloe Hewitt

GP3 Series organisers have decided, following a request from the teams, to allow them to line up a maximum of four cars per squad instead of the three that is currently authorised.

As a result of this, the 2016 grid will be made up of a maximum 28 cars – with teams taking delivery on the new GP3/16 early next year with these cars seeing them through for the 2016-18 cycle.

CEO of the series Bruno Michel said: “I am pleased to announce that our GP3 teams will be allowed to line up a fourth car next season.

It is something that has been discussed between us and the teams this year and I feel that it will give them an even stronger financial base for the season to come.”

It had been announced back in October that Virtuosi Racing had been granted an entry for the 2016-18 cycle but are actually no longer on the entry list. The reasons why this is so, are currently unknown it is likely that the lose of the team from the series is likely to have played a part in this change.
Prior to this decision the grid was going to be made up of 24 cars which is likely to have been what pushed the teams to make their request as the grid would have fallen to 21 cars, the lowest there has been since the formation of the series.

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