Pirelli announce Australian GP compounds

Pirelli have announced the three compounds of tyre they will bring to the season opening Formula 1 Grand Prix in Australia next March.

The Italian tyre manufacturer has also declared which tyres will need to be held back for specific sessions during the race weekend.

The P Zero White-banded Medium, Yellow-banded Soft and the Red-banded Supersoft tyre compounds will be brought to Albert Park, with drivers mandated to use at least one set of each of the harder compounds during the race.

In addition, one set of the Supersoft tyre, which has never before been used at the Albert Park circuit, must be reserved for the final part of qualifying.

Drivers who qualify inside the top ten will give back the Supersoft set after qualifying, but the drivers outside the top ten will be able to use the set during the race.

Teams are also able to choose how many sets of each compound they want for the whole weekend, with thirteen sets of tyre being available to each car.