Stoffel Vandoorne admits no guarantees for McLaren seat in 2017

by Gemma Bray

Stoffel Vandoorne says there are no guarantees that he will have a McLaren-Honda race seat for the 2017 Formula 1 season.

Despite dominating GP2 during the 2015 season by becoming Series Champion with seven wins and sixteen podiums. The Belgian found himself without a race seat in F1 for the 2016 season.

Talking on phone-in on Friday he told reporters that McLaren have not promised him a race seat for 2017, “Nothing has been promised, but I’m working my way towards F1, that’s definitely where I want to be, I already wanted to be there this year, and I feel 100 percent ready to be there.

“Unfortunately there were no places available this season, so I have to works towards 2017. I feel I’m in the right place [at McLaren], they trust in my abilities.

“There are no guarantees but it would be a good place for me to race, I’ve been with the team for a couple of years and we’ve had a lot of success together.

“Hopefully we can build on that success in the future and hopefully I can get a race drive here.”

Vandoorne is confident that he will not get into the same situation that former McLaren reserve driver Kevin Magnussen did where he lost his race seat in 2014 and then last year left the Formula 1 team.

“Kevin is a great driver; he definitely deserves to be in F1 and he might still end up in F1. But we’re at different points in our careers,” Vandoorne added.

“I haven’t been in F1 yet, I’m still working my way up there, and hopefully I will get there soon. This year I will be the reserve driver at McLaren and hopefully combining that with a season in Super Formula, and I’m working hard with this team to get a drive one day.”

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