Alonso ‘provisionally’ cleared by FIA to race in China

Fernando Alonso has been given the provisional green light by the FIA to race in this weekend’s 2016 Chinese Grand Prix following medical approval.

Paperwork issues has delayed the governing body formally approving the Spaniard’s return, on Thursday they reported that they were satisfied with Alonso’s condition. However, after first practice Alonso will have to undergo further tests.

“Fernando Alonso will be allowed to participate, subject to the provision below. The driver has been given directions by the FIA Medical Delegate and CMO which he is to follow (Art. 12.1.1.i of the International Sporting Code.)

“Further, in accordance with Art. 22.14 of the Formula One Sporting Regulations, he is instructed by the FIA Medical Delegate and CMO to undergo a further examination immediately following FP1 to determine his further eligibility to take part in the remainder of the Event.”

Speaking before the hearing, Alonso said he has fully recovered from the horrific season-opener crash in Melbourne.

“I feel good. I feel okay,” he said. “Honestly, in Bahrain I was mentally 100 percent ready to race, but physically I had a lot of pain in Bahrain and I was ready to try at least and see if the pain was manageable or not with the rib broken. Now the situation has improved a lot.

“I am mentally 120 percent now and physically I am 100 percent with no pain. At least in the last couple of days I have been training with a more or less normal routine for the last two weeks, running, bicycle, golf and tennis – many sports that are a big change in approach for this race a bit more ready and fit.

“I did sleep okay for the last two weeks as well which was quite a good thing because in the first 10 days after Australia I could not sleep on one side, which was not very comfortable. As I said from Bahrain to here a big improvement. I feel good.”