Volvo considering Formula E entry

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is considering entering the FIA Formula E championship.

Speaking to their Vice-President and head of the motorsport division, Alexander Murdzevski Schedvin, said that Volvo will end up aligning themselves with an all electric championship.

However he did not give an unequivocal guarantee that they would enter Formula E, and said that they could enter a variety of championships so long as they involved the right technology.

Schedvin commented, “Volvo today doesn’t make fully-electric vehicles and we don’t sell formula cars but we sell hybrids, which is very important for us going forward in motorsport.”

“But, over time you will end up there with your customer and align with a championship that is based on the same technology. If in five years that is a formula championship, a touring car championship or a GT championship, we don’t know yet.”

“We are all preparing for different parts of the spectrum.”

Were Volvo to enter Formula E, they would join Renault, VW, BMW Jaguar, Citroen and Jaguar in having an involvement in the series.

Volvo are already a member of the Formula E Manufacturer’s Advisory Group, and said that they would be looking for a way to emphasise that it was they who were developing the technology in the car.

“Volvo is part of the Manufacturer Advisory board in Formula E, together with a number of other manufacturers, but this is also a way for the FIA and Formula E to invite us to get involved,” Schedvin said.

“We don’t make any decisions on the technical development, but from a Formula E perspective I think what manufacturers are looking into is a clear way to establish yourself in a way you can communicate [that] you are actually the manufacturer.

“This is because now there is a unified chassis, unified aero, they have opened up the powertrain but not many manufacturers make their own electric powertrains or battery pack, so it is a challenge to develop the technology because it is very new, and that is why many rely on suppliers.”