Gutierrez hits back at Wolff following Singapore criticism

Esteban Gutierrez - Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Esteban Gutierrez has hit back at Toto Wolff following the Mercedes bosses criticism of the Mexican during the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday.

Wolff laid into Gutierrez after feeling he made life difficult for the leaders while the Haas F1 Team driver was being lapped, but the Mexican was not punished and felt that he did nothing wrong.

Gutierrez was also disappointed that Wolff made his comments in public, and would have preferred to have been spoken to in private if there was a genuine issue to be discussed.

“I’m very disappointed at hearing those comments,” said Gutierrez to Autosport. “Making fun of me publicly is not a fair way to do things.

“He could very easily have come to me and spoken to me face to face, and not behind my back [and] publicly. If he has something to say he can come to me and speak about it. He knows I am an open person, he knows I’m very transparent. It’s just disappointing to hear how he spoke in public.

“I don’t think any team principal or team manager would be happy if his driver was losing a lot of time under blue flags. If I was doing something wrong then I would be penalised, as simple as that.

“I wasn’t penalised in Singapore. I was doing my race. I was fighting as well, so I will continue my way. It’s just disappointing what was said [by Wolff]. But people can make fun of me, they can say whatever they want, but there are rules.”