Honda considering second engine supply in F1

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Honda is hoping to expand it’s facilities to provide the space required to supply another team in the future, according to its chief Yusuke Hasegawa.

The Japanese manufacturer is keen to take on additional teams, after a possible partner with Red Bull Racing for the 2016 Formula 1 season. This fell through after the team faced a veto from McLaren chief Ron Dennis.

Alongside it’s commitments and focus on developing resources for its work deal with McLaren, Honda are working on its UK base. Completion on the factory was during the summer, a sign that shows Honda are looking to expand.

Hasegawa confirms Honda currently have no room to provide for another team but believes they can announce in the future that they are ready to prepare an engine for another team.

“We don’t have any room to provide any resources to another team but we should be that type of manufacturer,” said Hasegawa to Autosport“We have to prepare more resources and organisation.

“Maybe at the end of next year we have to say that we are ready to prepare an engine for another team, so we will prepare the organisation. We’ve already built up the factory in Milton Keynes, a larger one. It’s not huge but it is big enough.

“So if we decided to prepare a second engine for a second team we just have to hire the people, the engineers. We have plenty of spare desks for them!”