Julius Baer ready to give ‘strong’ support to Swiss ePrix

Private bank Julius Baer is ready to provide ‘strong’ support to ensure that a Swiss ePrix becomes part of the Formula E calendar.

The company is already one of the sport’s key sponsors, and is even believed to have a shareholding in the series.

And thanks to a recent change in Swiss law, motor sport events can now take place in the country for the first time since 1954.

With their headquarters based in Zurich, this has led the team to try and bring a race to Switzerland.

Speaking to Motorsport.com, Head of Global Sponsoring & Managing Director SA at Julius Baer Marco Parroni said that they were “ready to support, in a strong way if necessary, a Swiss ePrix.”

He continued, “We believe that the Swiss Confederation remains one of the most innovative economies in the world, and is an ideal setting for a high-level event like an ePrix.

“We definitely have an interest in supporting one, and we believe they can exploit such sponsorship within our market to make one happen.

“The event must be first be discussed, after which we can comment appropriately or worry about further commitments and confirmation.”

Previous plans for a Swiss ePrix in Lugano never came to fruition after the €10 million fee could not be raised by organisers.

However, the backing of Julius Baer would overcome that issue, and would provide current Formula E champion Sebastien Buemi with a home race.