Kerb cutting deterrent added to Turn 2 at Sochi Autodrom

Sochi Autodrom, Russia. Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

Turn 2 of the Sochi Autodrom track has been given a makeover ahead of this weekend’s 2017 Russian Grand Prix, in an attempt to stop drivers from cutting the kerbs and running wide in order to gain better acceleration into the next corner.

To block this action from being possible, the FIA have added two 50mm high orange speed bumps to the exit of the right-hander, and if drivers are still tempted to cut the corner, they will be impeded further by having to go all the way round a long kerb, which has also been adjusted, before returning back to the track.

F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting has spoken to the F1 teams ahead of this weekend’s race to advise them of the amendments and the new ruling which they will be monitoring closely.

Any driver who fails to negotiate Turn 2 by using the track, and who passes completely to the left of the orange kerb element on the apex, must then keep to the left of the second new orange kerb element on the edge of the artificial grass and re-join the track safely at the start of Turn 3.”

The FIA decided to clamp down on the drivers shenanigans at Turn 2, after finding it had been used to gain an advantage on numerous occasions previously, with the first lap of the race being a particular favourite time for drivers to chance their luck. The sports governing body were keen to avoid any further instances of this shortcut, and so action was taken.