Cosworth Set For Formula 1 Return in 2021

by Aaron Gillard

Cosworth could be set for a return to Formula 1 in 2021, if cheaper hybrid V6 engines are introduced.

Cosworth have powered F1 teams to 176 Grand Prix wins and have championship winning teams such as Lotus, Mclaren, Williams and Benetton.

The Northampton-based engine provider have been out of the sport since 2013, last supplying the Marussia F1 Team in the final year of V8 engines before the switch the current V6 Hybrids.

But Cosworth are set to make a comeback into the sport if the sport introduced a cheaper and simpler version of the current V6 hybrids in 2021.

Cosworth CEO Hal Reisiger told Autosport that optimism over the future rules and positive talks with teams had convince them to start committing resources to F1.

“I think that we’ve got sufficient support from the existing teams, and we’ve had discussions with some, that enable us to make the commitment to proceed.” Said Reisiger

“More teams committed for a longer term is always better. But we have some verbal agreements to partner with some existing and future teams that would enable us to be a sustainable engine partner.”

Cosworth has agree to be part of the new F1 working groups to help shape and finalise the new 2021 engines.

Resiginer has said he wants F1 to move away from heat energy recovery elements, an area which has troubled current manufactures.

“If F1 wants a new engine supplier for 2021 there will have to be some changes on that front.”

“We think we are well suited to come back into F1 if the engine regulations should change, and the compelling change has to be with the heat energy recovery from the turbo because that is the most expensive and time-consuming element.”

Cosworth currently provide engines for Aston Martin‘s Adrian Newey-designed Valkyrie car, which has created speculation about a possible engine partnership with Red Bull Racing in the future.

But Reisiger has assisted that no decision has been made as of yet and if they do make a return to the sport, they’ll need to start planning in 2018.

“We would typically start in 2018. I know there is some discussion about moving it ahead by a year, and that would mean working really soon.”

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