Esteban Ocon: “Both of Our Faults” Over Baku Clash

Credit: Sahara Force India F1 Team

Esteban Ocon says Sahara Force India F1 Team have held both drivers responsible for their clash at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Both Ocon and team-mate Sergio Perez made contact with each other whilst racing for position during the race in Baku, with Perez suffering most of the damage. Ocon would recover and finish 6th whilst Perez retired.

Perez suggested today that Ocon has to be “intelligent” and understand what he had done and needs to change his approach.

Ocon, However, told today that the team have stated that both drivers are to blame over the incident.

Ocon said: “After the race I took a plane to go to Silverstone to review the incident with the team, They prepared some notes with what they thought and we came to the conclusion that it was a 50/50.”

“It was not only my fault, not only Sergio’s fault but it was both of our fault.”

The Force India pairing have clashed in the last two races. At the Canadian Grand Prix, Perez refused to let Ocon pass, which cost a possible podium from happening for the Frenchman. Ocon left that Grand Prix feeling unhappy that he could of grabbed his first ever Formula One podium.

In response to Sergio’s comments from today about needing to be intelligent, Ocon said: “I’m not going to change my attitude, I think it’s been working well since the beginning of the year with the team and the way we work.”

“The only thing I think we will change is just to be careful on what we do when we race. We’ll continue to race and it’s going to be a big competition between the two of us all season long, especially because I will take more experience and feel more comfortable on tracks I know.” 

Ocon assisted that there is no tension between him and team-mate Perez since the incident.

“We had an event with BWT, we spoke normally, and there is no more tension than there was before.”