Guenther Steiner: “Finding The Balance For Silverstone Is Hard”

Credit: Andy Hone/LAT Images/Haas F1

Haas F1 Team will be hoping to continue their point scoring streak at their home race this weekend

The American based team has a factory in Banbury, approximately 30 minutes away from Silverstone, the host of this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

Romain Grosjean achieved an impressive sixth place last time out in Austria whilst team-mate Kevin Magnussen retired after a difficult weekend with multiple failures on the car

Haas Team Principle Guenther Steiner spoke for the upcoming British Grand Prix saying the race being so close to the base, it allows members of the team to stay at their home.

“Travel is a little bit mixed for the team members,” said Steiner.  “Some stay at home and then take a bus to the track since there is limited parking, while others will stay at a hotel and then also take a bus to the track.

“If they arrive at our Banbury location at a certain time, they can catch a ride to the track as well.”

Silverstone is one of the true power circuits on the calendar with a high percentage of the lap on full throttle. Steiner assisted that the lap times will fall down with the help of the new 2017 cars.

“We’ve gone faster at every circuit this year because of these new cars with the new regulations. With the wider cars and more downforce, we just go faster. And for the setup, we will use what we learned from the last nine races before Silverstone.”

“They find that edge themselves. If the engineering team gives them a good, stable car, they are not afraid to go flat-out. But they need to be confident that the car will do what they want the car to do, and that is down to the engineering team.”

Steiner has said that finding the balance between downforce and straight line speed is difficult with a track like Silverstone.

“There is no number to it. There is always a compromise between corner speed and straight-line speed, and that is best found in the simulations before the race weekend. Normally, you get very close to it, but the fine-tuning is still on the track.”

Haas will plan to use Carbon Industrie brakes but will decide further whether they’ll use them throughout the weekend after numerous brakes issues have occurred over the season.

“We have a plan to fit the cars with Carbon Industrie brakes on Friday – both cars in FP1 and, hopefully, FP2 – to see if it all works on our second attempt. If it all works, we will use them over the weekend, but we can only commit to that after we’ve had one practice.”