Toto Wolff: “We stick to our principles and our word”

Credit: Octane Photography Ltd

Mercedes AMG Petronas Team Principal Toto Wolff has reviewed Mercedes’ performance at the Hungarian Grand Prix as a “tough day for the team”.

Mercedes drivers Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton finished in third and fourth at the Hungaroring whilst rivals Scuderia Ferrari taking one-two victory with Sebastian Vettel winning ahead of Kimi Raikkonen.

“Today was a tough day for the team but one that showed the values that we hold high.” commented Toto Wolff

“First of all, we cannot ultimately be satisfied with third and fourth places; we managed to limit the damage to Ferrari, and were fortunate that Red Bull accounted for themselves on the opening lap. So it’s positive that we didn’t lose too many points on a circuit where Ferrari had the upper hand.”

Mercedes suffered radio communication problems with Hamilton’s side of the garage for majority of the race but regained contact on track in the latter part of the race. Toto commented that the radio issues impacted Mercedes’ strategy.

“The race was made more challenging by problems in the garage that cost us radio comms with the cars at points during the race and also affected the data we had in the garage.”

“That particularly affected our communication with Lewis and perhaps had an impact on the outcome today, as we could have played our strategy differently if the comms had been working properly.”

Hamilton was given a chance by Mercedes an attempt to catch the Ferrari’s for the win. Bottas was ordered to allow Hamilton through with the promise that if the Brit fails to pass Raikkonen, he will swap back.

On the final lap, Hamilton allowed Bottas back pass for the last podium spot, as promised by the team.

“But it was also a great day for the team because we saw our ethos played out for everybody to see with great respect between Lewis and Valtteri. First, for Valtteri to let his team-mate past to put the pressure on Ferrari and try to challenge Kimi; second, for Lewis to sportingly give the place back in the final corner without losing any position to Max Verstappen.”

“These are the values that helped us win six championships and, in the long term, it is the approach that will win us many more titles – even though it was a tough call to make and it’s not a great feeling afterwards. But we stick to our principles and our word”