Who will win the next stage of the Di Grassi/Buemi rivalry?

by Scott Douglas

Another year, and another title decider that will see Sebastien Buemi and Lucas di Grassi lock horns for the Formula E driver’s championship.

Although Felix Rosenqvist and Sam Bird have fought bravely to still be in with a mathematical chance of taking the title, it would take a minor miracle for either of them to win it.

So it leaves us once again of a repeat of last year’s finale, although with Buemi this time leading di Grassi by ten points going into the double header in Montreal.

Last year’s tussle ended tumultuously, with Buemi accusing di Grassi of deliberately trying to crash into him in order to win the title.

It’s clearly something that still smarts with the Swiss driver judging by his comments this week.

In an explosive rant he said that di Grassi’s reputation couldn’t handle another suspicious incident like it, and said that had he caused the crash he wouldn’t be able to look himself in the mirror.

Buemi said, “People within the sport know exactly what happened there. If [a collision] happens once more like this, what do you think people will think then?

“It will be very hard to explain for him. He can’t afford anything like that again for his reputation, can he?”

More remarkably he went on to hint at another confrontation between the two drivers in the aftermath of the Battersea Park race.

Di Grassi hit back, saying that Buemi’s comments showed he was a man under pressure, before questioning the Swiss driver’s ability to handle a title battle.

They were remarkable interventions which showed the huge level of animosity between the two.

It’s clear that they don’t like each other, and also gives a glimpse into just how much either driver wants to beat the other in the title fight.

This rivalry has the potential to be one of the greats, and is exactly what a fledgling series such as Formula E needs.

It provides a great story line and provided that both men have cars that keep them at the front of the grid, it has the potential to keep going for many years to come.

This weekend’s Montreal ePrix is just the latest episode in this great battle, and although Buemi is a clear favourite to take it, you wouldn’t discount di Grassi for one second.

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