Zak Brown: “Liberty Media Should Buy Silverstone”

Credit: Steven Tee/McLaren

Mclaren Honda F1 Team Executive Zak Brown has called out for Formula One owner’s, Liberty Media to buy Silverstone to help save the British Grand Prix.

Silverstone owner the British Racing Driver’s Club is expected to announce this week that it will activate a clause to terminate it’s right to host the British GP beyond 2019.

The main issue that has threatened Silverstone is the escalating high price of hosting the Grand Prix. Silverstone’s current contract runs until the end of 2027.

It has thrown the future of the event in doubt but the circuit will allow to renegotiate a new deal with the F1 owners.

But Zak Brown told Autosport that he believes Libery Media buying Silverstone is the best way forward for the future.“My view is Liberty should buy Silverstone,”

“Much like the NFL – which is a pretty successful sport – they own the Super Bowl which moves around.”

Brown believes that Silverstone can become more than host a race by creating new revenue streams. The Mclaren boss also said that Silverstone could be a new location for testing.

“You could do an F1 Hall of Fame, you could do racing schools, and eSports, “If you owned the property yourself there is a lot of incremental activities. “

“Testing too. Maybe instead of it all being in Barcelona for eight days, you could do it at Silverstone – and really open it up to the fans.”

Brown recently met with Liberty Media in discussions about the future of the sport and has stated they have not dismissed his views.

“I have voiced my views on that, They listen. They will be quick to tell you if they disagree, and they didn’t disagree with the logic.”

“The nice thing about Liberty is that you can just share your views, take them on board, see them register and they have a lot of stuff going on. It is easy for me to say just go buy it.”