DTM Scraps Performance Weights with Immediate Effect

Credit: DTM Media

Manufacturers of the DTM Series have unanimously agreed to scrap the controversial performance weights systems with immediate effect, ahead of the penultimate round of the season.

The teams had met in Zandvoort to discuss scrapping the system but Audi vetoed the decision meaning it could not have been implemented at that time.

Audi felt it was wrong to make such a change during the season and would instead be better to wait until it had ended and implement it going into next year.


However, after a difficult weekend at the Nurburgring due to their machines being 25kg heavier than the BMWs, it seems their minds have been changed.

Gerhard Berger became the series’ boss back in March, and placed the abolition of the performance weights high on his agenda.

But an argreement has finally been reached between the three manufacturers and promoter ITR.


For the decision to be official it still has to be ratified by the DMSB ahead of round eight at the Red Bull Ring next weekend.

“We will be handing in a concept at the DMSB shortly,” Berger said. “With them already being committed to supporting an unanimous request by all manufacturers, I expect the decision to go through.

“Everybody involved listened to the fans and I’m happy that the manufacturers decided to go for what is good for the sport. This is a strong signal for DTM.”

As part of the proposal the manufacturers have agreed to rewrite sections of the 2018 season’s regulations, standardising the dimensions of certain aerodynamic parts of the cars.

Head of BMW Motorsport Jens Marquardt, said: “It is a good day for the DTM, for the fans and for real motorsport. Everyone is a winner. We have been working intensively with all parties involved to find a solution during recent weeks and we have achieved this together. We will build on this in the coming months and make the DTM fit for the future. This platform will become even more attractive – and is open to other manufacturers.”

“I’m happy that the discussion about performance weights finally came to an end”, said Audi motorsport boss Dieter Gass. “Now we can concentrate on the sporting side again.

“There are still four races to go and it will stay close right until the end.”

Ulrich Fritz of Mercedes, whose Stuttgart based outfit is departing the championship at the end of 2018, added: “Most of all, we’re happy that we’re finally done with talking about the weights. This is what fans and drivers alike wanted us to do. I’m sure it will be an exciting title race.”