Esteban Ocon: “There’s Something Special About Singapore.”

Credit: Sahara Force India F1 Team

Sahara Force India‘s Esteban Ocon expects this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix to be physically demanding due to the heat and high humidity.

The Singapore Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit is often regarded as one of the toughest races on the calendar due to the intense heat and high levels of humidity. Drivers often suffer from high cockpit temperatures with temperatures for a Formula 1 driver reaching high as 60 degrees Celsius.

In what will be his second Singapore GP, where he finished eighteenth with Manor Racing last year, Ocon says everything needs to be perfect this weekend and ensure that he is in the best shape for the weekend.

“It’s hot and very humid, and you lose a lot of fluids when driving. It’s one of those places where everything needs to be perfect in the car, because you’ll struggle a lot if you’re not in the right position or there is something wrong with the seat. You try to prepare as best as you can for days like these; you train in hot places and try to maximise the performance of your body.” says Ocon.

Hailed as one of the crown jewels of the sport, hosting the first ever night race in 2008 and quickly becoming a fan-favourite for it’s entertaining and exciting racing. Ocon says Singapore hosts a unique atmosphere, nothing like any other race on the calendar.

“There’s something special about Singapore. You race under the lights and the atmosphere is unique: it feels really glamorous and all the fans and guests are partying through the night during the race”

With the race being held at night, the schedule for the whole weekend is set at European time meaning drivers, mechanics and media crew don’t arrive at the venue until mid-afternoon and don’t finish until early morning. Ocon says the different schedule doesn’t affect him.

“The weird schedule doesn’t affect me. I like that we stick to European times: we wake up late, the days are shorter and you’re able to sleep a lot. It’s my favourite weekend schedule – I am someone who sleeps a lot and in Singapore I can get my 12 hours per night!”