Jean Todt hoping Honda will remain in Formula 1

Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

FIA President Jean Todt has expressed his desire for Honda to remain in Formula 1, and is willing to help the Japanese manufacturer find a new team if required.

Since its return to Formula 1, Honda’s relationship with McLaren has become increasingly tenuous, and the Woking outfit has been linked with a switch to Renault power units for next season.

Such a move could be potentially accompanied with Honda turning its attention to the Scuderia Toro Rosso team, but the Red Bull junior team would have to agree to release its Renault contract to McLaren.

“I really hope Honda will not leave,” said Todt at an FIA Action for Road Safety event. “First, from what I understand now, no manufacturers can supply more than three teams, even if we forget the regulation.

“If you make it easily, three by three it makes nine. So it means that we will end up with a team without an engine, which we don’t want. And we made regulations to avoid that, which needed to be applied before June.”

Todt is happy to enter negotiations with other teams to keep Honda in F1, but concedes that McLaren’s own talks with Honda is a complicating factor.

“Now there is a team and the team has a contract, so we will see. I don’t want to comment on facts which are not completely clear at the moment.

“If the time comes, I will be happy to comment and if I can participate to help to make sure that everybody can stay in the business, then I will do the utmost for that.”

  • D.Duck

    Why does Toad hope Honda stay in F1? He has done his best to make sure they have totally failed for the last 2 and a half years!!! His whole agenda has been to stop Alonso being in a competitive car ever since he became President puppet of the FIA!! Hes probably still only taking his orders from Bernie Shekelstone !! Lets hope Liberty Media are aware that they have a sabateur on the inside and get rid asap!!!

  • facesforever

    It had to be desided before june?!!
    So what are they talking about?
    Or; McLaren kick’s out Honda and thereby themselfs.
    Or; McLaren keeps Honda.
    If the FIA rules are binding there is no 3 ways about this.
    Or; trow the rules overboard and let all the teams do whatever they want.