Renault Sport Formula One Team and Lego create life-size replica from 600,000 bricks

Credit: Renault

Renault Sport Formula One Team and Lego have teamed up to mark the fortieth anniversary of Renault’s involvement in Formula 1.

L’Atelier Renault has a 5.4-metre full-sized R.S.17 Formula 1 car made entirely of 600,000 Lego bricks on display, along with offering a variety of activities for young and older visitors.

“For many people, Formula 1 is a dream-world to which they can only get close thanks to television coverage of races.” said Patrice Baheux, General Manager, L’Atelier.

“Our motto is ‘making the impossible possible’, and we strive to apply this to everything we do. Lego, a brand familiar to all, has given us an opportunity to open the doors to the exceptional world of F1. L’Atelier Renault, our brand’s international showcase where passions come to life, orchestrated the operation, which blends creativity and entertainment. We’re very proud of the result!”

Emilie Carle, Head of Communications for LEGO France-Iberia added, “The Lego brand symbolises a powerful world of imagination for our customers. The creativity of children and adults alike, which lies at the heart of any Lego experience, contributes every day to building a magical world that crosses over generations.

“This partnership with Renault Formula One Team was an obvious choice for us, not only because of the common values we believe in, but especially because of our shared passion. Alongside our partner, we are proud to be celebrating Renault’s fortieth anniversary in F1 and to be opening the doors of this universe to all of its fans.”

An exclusive “Renault Sport Formula One Team x LEGO France” day for all at L’Atelier Renault will start at 10:30 on Saturday 9 December, and continue all day, visitors to L’Atelier Renault will be able to enjoy special activities, free workshops for all ages and experience many surprises at Renault’s emblematic showcase.