Audi making gains in the simulator ahead of Marrakesh

Credit: Audi

Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler say that have been chasing gains in their simulator ahead of this month’s Marrakesh ePrix.

Drivers Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi have completed time in the Audi simulator in Neuberg, which is available to them now that the team is a factory outfit.

They have completed qualifying and race simulations around the Moroccan track, driving for around eight hours each day.

Abt says that the intense nature of the sessions is what helps make the simulator more realistic, “These intensive practice sessions are the key to success because the simulation is very realistic.

“As drivers we then have the opportunity to get to know the track and to try out various lines without any loss of practice time on race day which is short to begin with,” Abt said.

The team say that the simulator time also helps in their preparations for the race, allowing them to react more quickly to the lessons they learn at the track.

Audi’s Formula E Project Leader Tristan Summerscale commented, “During this time, our engineers can gather a lot of important data, optimize energy management, test various software versions and simulate the process flow on a race day.

“We’re well prepared when we hit the race track and are able to respond to new situations with greater flexibility, speed and ease.”

The Marrakesh ePrix takes place on January 13.