Liberty Media Needs To Be “Bold” And Bring “Scary, Fast” Cars – Martin Brundle

by Aaron Gillard

Ex-Formula 1 driver and Sky Sports’ Pundit Martin Brundle believes Liberty Media must have a tough, no compromise approach towards Formula 1’s future regulations.

F1’s new owners have completed their first year at the helm of the sport, whilst they’ve only made minor changes to the sport, they are hard at work shaping the sport’s future beyond 2021, when the current regulations expire.

Brundle however, believes that the only path to success for the sport is to regulate a platform where it focuses on “scary and fast” cars driven by the best racing drivers in the world.

“They have got to be bold,” said Brundle on Sky F1.

“They have got to say ‘this is the future of Formula 1, this is the direction we’re going in, join up or depart’. And they’ve got to be really clear on that.”

The veteran driver with over thirteen seasons under his belt as an F1 driver, also says that Liberty need to pull out all the stops, but admits that they’re walking on a risky tightrope.

“We have to be the fastest, the scariest, the best racing cars with the finest drivers wheel to wheel,”

“The objective is very easy, and I actually think getting there is relatively easy, but there’s just an awful lot of politics and self-interest in the way. So I don’t know where it is going to end up.”

Recently Scuderia Ferrari have toughened themselves over a bid to leave the sport after 2021, after the Italian giant’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne says they’ll leave if they don’t maintain the Scuderia’s interest.

Brundle however doesn’t believe what’s been said from the Italian team.

“I think they’re bluffing,” added Brundle.

“For example, where would Ferrari go? Go and get their backsides handed to them on a plate by Mahindra in Formula E?”

“They are already in Le Mans, they won the GT world championship – nobody knows about that.”

“They do no advertising around the world, not a penny, because Formula 1 does it for them. So I believe Liberty have to be super tough.”

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